Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 5: Hiros


This episode didn’t disappoint. What an episode. Hiro and Ando split up, Hiro meets the flying Nathan and Ando meets Niki, Claire recovers while her father has the quarterback’s brain wiped, Peter goes to see Issac and finishes his painting, and Matt remembers nothing of his abduction, starts to use his powers to stay with his wife but when he tries to use them for good it all goes wrong. Here’s how the episode panned out for me:

Before the title sequence: look at Nathan go, that’s cool.

Words: never noticed how cleverly they do the title sequence and other words that come up on the screen. Tim Kring, who created it, writes comic books and you can tell. Always moves the stories on.

Same guy – are Mr Linderman and glasses guy the same person? Just thinking.

Issacs painting look like comic strips.

Is the glasses guy/Claire’s Dad actually okay? He let Matt go and he seems fine (until the end), didn’t shoot Nathan and genuinely seems concerned about his adopted daughter.

Nathan annoys me, he should believe Hiro, after all he can fly. And Mohinder should believe Peter, although he’s had no proof so maybe I would act in that way too.

Peter thinks Issac’s painting are like comics too – good man.

Niki still has no idea what’s happening. Most of the other heroes do, she seems to be unable to control hers, or maybe she controls it subconsciously.

Ah maybe the glasses is bad, although he doesn’t kill the quarterback, he gets the bald guy to “hollow him out”.

DL – Niki’s criminal husband who’s on the run – escaped police custody again – I bet he’s got powers too.

Another episode that doesn’t mention Sylar. I’ve forgotten he ‘kills’ Issac in five weeks time.

Please don’t let the episode end, I want to know what happens next.

As ever it left me wanting more. The series is brilliant and each ending always makes me want more. “Save the cheerleader. Save the world” seems to be the new catchline and I can’t wait.

Oh, Hiro’s English is improving quickly isn’t it? As ever, more details can be found here.


Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 4: Collision


“Heroes is bloody brilliant” – that’s what I found myself saying when this episode finished. When Hiro turns up from the future, with a sword, speaking English, mentioning he hardly recognises Peter without his scar, I found myself smiling with glee.

Another great episode, as usual a fuller review can be found here and there is too much to write about really. Obviously the big question is about Hiro, I love his stuff in Las Vegas, abusing his powers, it lightens the episode until we get caught. Claire also uses her powers in what could be called an act of a superhero – bringing someone to justice. Although perhaps not in the same way that Superman would.

Her Dad also gets a bit more screen time. We learn that Matt the cop is being held against his will by glasses guy, who now has a new sidekick errr bald guy who has special powers. When Matt asks who Claire is, glasses guy tells his friend that he’s “further gone than we thought” and to “clean him out” which hints the bald guy has some special mental powers. His appearance at the end is also ambiguous – what does “only take the one of them” mean? Is it Nathan, Niki, or one half of Niki that he’s referring to?

And Mohinder thinks about giving up, but the arrival of Peter stops him. Peter is a surprise as well as it increasing seems he takes on the powers of those around him rather than have a gift of his own – something which is hard to prove to Mohinder. So they try to see Issac, a man who wants to be a hero (despite looking increasing like Gaius Baltar from Battlestar Galactica) but can seemingly only use hs power while high on drugs. That’s what’s great about the show. It makes things as real as possible – real problems and real difficulties about people with unreal powers.

I can’t wait for the next episode.

Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 3: One Giant Leap

Another cracking episode. Hiro finally convinces his friend Ando of his abilities with some nifty time-stopping, we learn Claire’s dad knows of her abilities, Mohinder and his suspiciously nice neighbour discover ‘Papa’ Suresh’s secret diary and Sylar’s house (seemingly) and Niki still doesn’t know what’s happening to her with her mirror image. We learn more about her son’s father who’s escaped from jail and for one moment I thought her mirror image was going to do something bad to her mother-in-law.

Peter ends up kissing Simone (who annoys me for some reason) after Nathan tells the press he tried to commit suicide off the building. Issac sees this as well as he’s painted the kiss but it’s unsure if he knows who it is or even knows what he’s doing as he only does his paintings when he’s taken drugs.

It’s Claire the cheerleader and Matt the cop who interest me most in this episode. We learn Claire’s dad (glasses guy as I call him for the lack of a name) knows of her ability and has stolen the tape with video of her abilities. Also the sweet quarterback she fancies turns nasty which leads up to a cracking cliffhanger for the next episode. I love the ending.

Actually seeing Sylar was good too. Although ‘seeing’ isn’t perhaps the right word as we never see his (her?) face, but we learn he (for now I think he’s a he) can withstand bullets, make people do things against their will and jump very, very high. Matt is the saviour of the FBI lady but we see his marriage falling apart at the same time, not helped by his struggle with his ability to read minds.

The pacing of the show is excellent, with something revealed and stories progressing in every scene. Each character is different, with their own complex problems and it’ll be interesting to see how they come together. Roll on the next episode.

Look here for a full review.


How to Watch Episdoes of Heroes


Having difficulty trying to watch the next big thing? Well there are a few ways you can watch Heroes.

1) Get the UK Sci Fi Channel. There are various ways get it. The website says:

At the present time SCI FI is available to viewers in the UK and Eire. SCI FI is on Sky channel 129, and SCI FI PLUS ONE is on Sky channel 130. We are on Telewest channel 135, NTL channel 402/102 and Homechoice channel 22. If you don’t currently have SCI FI, see below for details how to start.

Within the UK there are three possible ways to receive the channel.

1) As part of the Sky Digital service. If you would like to know more about Sky Digital and how to receive it, you can either ring them on 08705 800 874 or visit www.sky.com

2) On cable. You can contact any of the operators listed below for further information.
NTL: 0800183 0123 www.ntlhome.com
NTL Dublin: Dublin 660 4449 www.ntlhome.com
Telewest: 0800 953 5000 www.telewest.co.uk
Wight Cable (formerly known as Omne UK): 08000 706150 www.wightcablenorth.com
Isle of Wight Cable: 01983 291129

3) We are also available on Homechoice. Call their Sales Team on 0800 072 4454, or visit their official website at www.homechoice.co.uk

2) Watch it on the website. The Sci Fi Channel is currently showing the first episode of Heroes online. Presumably move will follow.

3) Watch it on the American website after they’ve aired over there. However if you’re not in the US it won’t let you watch them so you’ll need to disguise where you’re computer is based. Here is as good place as any to start.

3) Download it. The legality of downloading an episode off the internet is a bit blurry so I can’t reccomend it. Try The Pirate Bay which will have episodes and you’ll need some Bit Torrent software like Azureus.

4) Wait until it airs on BBC2 later this year.

5) Live in America. It would help a lot.


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Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 2: Don’t look back



Again take a look here for a full review of the episode. I’m loving Hiro, he’s the only one that seems excited by his powers, yet he’s not been able to convince anyone else of them. Even when he’s being questioned by police, discovered he’s in the future and sees New York being blown up, he’s still a happy bunny, it makes a refreshing change. I like the introduction of the comic book which in a paradoxical way actually makes his decisions for him.

Also seeing the nuclear explosion gives the series a ‘nice’ goal to it – Hiro at least is going to try and stop it happens and will most likely interact on the way.

I understand Peter is confused about his flying but I don’t understand why he doesn’t go and visit Issac – does he not remember he also has a power? He seems to have another power too if the drawing he did has anything to go by. Thanks to Hiro we also know his brother wins the election.

But most of all I liked the introduction of the cop, Matt Parkman (that guy from Alias). His power to read minds lands him in trouble, despite saving the day, but I think he’ll become more influential as the series progresses.

Along with the mentions by different characters of someone called Sylar, by the end I was eager to watch the next episode, it’s great.

Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 1: Genesis


I’m not going to give a full review of what happened in the episode, that can be found elsewhere (here is a good place to start) but rather say what I thought of it.

While trying to explain the show to someone else, they switched off as soon as I mentioned “superpowers”. But while they are the point of the show, it’s how they deal with them that I found intriguing. Claire the cheerleader struggling to cope, Peter and his politician brother have different ways of seeing their ability to fly (episode two and three explain that more), Niki isn’t even sure she has a power but is suspicious of her mirror image, Issac is freaked out and wants to destroy his paintings that depict the future and Hiro loves his powers and tries to convince his friend and others about it. It’s great characterisation and each little story progresses nicely and I’ve become invested in the characters already.

I do like the voiceover by Mohinder Suresh (the actor Sendhil Ramamurthy), I find it helps with the episode and put it into context – these are just normal people trying to live normal lives. It just happens they have superpowers.


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Heroes Season 1 Overview


Spoiler free!

Heroes is coming to the Sci-Fi Channel on February 19 (although you could watch it online from the 12th) and later to BBC2. But what is it? To quote Wikipedia:

Heroes is an American drama television series, created by Tim Kring, which premiered on NBC on September 25, 2006. The series tells the story of several people who “thought they were like everyone else… until they woke with incredible abilities” such as telepathy, time travel and flight. These people soon realize they have a role in preventing a catastrophe and saving mankind.

The series loosely follows the writing style of American comics by doing short, multi-episode story arcs that build upon a larger, more encompassing arc. Even with small story arcs that move the story forward, Kring said he mapped out where he intends the show to go for the next five seasons.

When the series premiered in the United States, it was the night’s most-watched program among adults 18-49, attracting 14.3 million viewers overall and receiving the highest rating for any NBC drama premiere in five years.

The show is airing in America and when it starts over here I’ll be reviewing each episode, but having seen about half the series I thought I’d give you some impressions.

Firstly, don’t do what I do and spot the actors from every other TV show and film you’ve seen. It started to infuriate me for a while and I had to stop it and go to imdb.com to find out who she was (Final Destination by the way).

After that I started to enjoy myself. I’m not going to give any spoilers away here don’t worry, but the show is really intriguing from the start. A show about people with superpowers immediately makes you think of special effects and amazing stunts, but they’re few and far between. The most you get in the earlier episodes is the cheerleader (Claire) healing herself from horrendous injuries and there’s some great stuff from the Japanese guy (Hiro) who can teleport and stop time, but the show is about stories and characters.

The catastrophe that needs adverting is revealed early on thanks to the visions of the future, junkie Issac has been painting. Heroes has been compared to Lost, but here is the distinctive difference – there’s a goal for the characters. I became invested in the characters quickly as I want to know how they’re going to stop this event, while at the same time (like Lost) wondering what’s going on.

At first each character has his or her own story but increasingly characters start to cross each other, sometimes without them knowing – but they’re all linked by Mohinder Suresh – an Indian scientist trying to carry on his murdered father’s work on evolution.

And there’s also seems to be a definite bad guy. Well two actually which seem to be separate and one may have special powers as well.

So it all starts with a lot of promise. As I said I’ll be looking at each episode in a bit more detail (you can sign up for our daily email here and/or weekly email here), but make sure you watch it on either channel when it starts, it’s the next big thing. Expect Sky to snap it up soon!