Walking on water

I’ve been perusing the Google ads again and come across the best invention ever. Soon all people will be using these. Bet they can’t wait for global warming to take effect and everywhere to be flooded. These would truly make your life better then.


Short and sweet – Cool key rings

Atari keyrings

They look cool, act as a keyring, and come with a six foot RCA cable. Which means, yes, they’re playable!

Officially licensed Atari Plug N’ Play gaming units, these keyrings cost $15.

The paddle controller features the original Pong, Breakout, and Warlords. Two versions of the joystick controller feature the best games from the original Atari 2600, including Asteroids, Centipede, Milipede and Missile Command.

Get them here. Just add batteries.

Spair a seat?

I love things like this. New, inventive ways of viewing everyday objects. This is the Spair from &made who are in a new exhibition at the London Design Museum.
The Spair
The museum is fantastic. It’s pretty small but has fantastic exhibitions and even a Conran owned café based alongside the Thames.

Between 20 September and 7 January the museum is holding the Design Mart exhibition featuring new design stars. Among the highlights promised are Philip Worthington’s Shadow Monsters and Tim Simpson will unveil his Natural Deselection project that plays on notions of Darwinian selection in the plant world.

When I’ve been I’ll let you know how it was. Or if you go why don’t you let me know here. And if anyone wants to buy me a wardrobe, this is what I want. More on Thomas Heatherwick in another post.

Fire in your pocket

I love http://www.firebox.co.uk, although it can hurt your wallet. It may be because you get that little bag of sweets with your order that I like them so much. Or when you do pay for delivery it arrives next day. I suppose four quid is a bit steep for something that would have gone just as quick with a first class stamp but I’ve suggested that so are confident they’re taking my adviceAnyway if you really want to burn a hole in your pocket, get this. Admittedly a Stormtrooper suit for the price of a used Clio may be a bit steep but imagine turning up at a party wearing that. Any party, doesn’t even have to be fancy dress. I wonder whether they still charge the £4 delivery on it?

There’s also a couple of other items I’d like to draw your attention too. The first being these. I’ve never see anything so crap in my life. Well I have but not in the last five minutes. Who is going to buy them? What, you’ve got one? I do apologise. I hope you chose the penguin.

I can’t decide whether this is genius, useless or cool: but with three rolls for a tenner I won’t be finding out.

I’m not affiliated or related (if that’s possible to a website) to Firebox in any way. I just like them and if they want to send me some free stuff to review then I’d be happy to. Or maybe just some of those chewy kisses.

Get Sky+ on your mobile

OK, it’s not quite as great as it sounds. Simply you can view the Sky Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) on your mobile and add programmes to your Sky+ schedule after you’ve left home. Still pretty cool though huh? It’s a free application that is compatible with most phones.

Take a look here