Essentials For The Eco Festival Goer

Nigel’s Eco Store shamelessly sent me an email with a list of their products that would be good for the festival season. And you know what? It’s pretty good, so without any apologies, I’ve reproduced it below. I’ve always had good dealings with the store but as always if you haven’t used them before, check out some reviews and obviously shop around, although some of their products are hard to find elsewhere! By the way, we reviewed the Sun Jar here.

Solar shower

Found a pitch and set up the tent…then rig up Solar Camp Shower – a hot shower you can pack up and take with you. Fill it with water, leave in the sun for 3 hours to get hot, then hang it up to use. Perfect to freshen up after a session in the mosh pit.

When at the water tap….try a Hydropal Filter Water Bottle. It has a built-in active carbon filter which removes all the chemicals so you can fill it from the tap, and enjoy filtered water every day. One Hydropal bottle can replace about 400 plastic throwaway bottles, saving landfill and benefitting the environment.

Tent party…with the Eton Am/Fm Wind Up Radio with Siren, Torch, and Phone Charger. The Eton Wind Up radio is a water-resistant wind up radio with a built in LED light and mobile phone charger. You wont need to worry about your mobile running out of juice either.

Chillax ….with some Solar Powered Portable Speakers. Connect these acoustically designed solar powered speakers to your iPod or music phone, for excellent sound quality, powered by renewable solar energy. The built-in rechargeable battery is charged by the sun or even residual light, and they’ll play for up to 8 hours from a 6 hours charge.

Dodge those guy ropes…wear the Solar Light Cap and keep your hands free. The two strong LEDs under the peak will light up about 6 feet in front of you. What’s more there’s enough light for most people, with up to 5 hours of light from a fully charged cap. Great for navigating through a sea of tents after a looooong night.

Who forgot the torch?…With the Woodpecker Shake Flashlight you just shake. The double generator of the shake torch creates double the amount of power from shaking. Woodpecker is ideal for use near and around water. Perfect for festival deluges.

Party on …..with the Sun Jar Solar Light. It looks like a storage jar, but it has a solar cell, batteries and LED light under the lid – it stores sunlight in the daytime and when it gets dark the Sun Jar automatically turns itself on and glows with the day’s sunshine. Available in orange or blue light, the Sun Jar will give out light for about five hours on one charge.


Just woken up …. use the hyG Ionic Toothbrush – cleans your teeth, no toothpaste required. It has been clinically proven to be 48% more effective at removing plaque than normal brushing. 60% of hyG users said that their teeth felt cleaner, smoother and more polished from the very first time they used.

Day 3 and still looking dapper ….try the Wind Up and Rechargeable Electric Shaver – for a close shave anywhere, any time. Just wind it up and the internal dynamo generates energy to shave again. You’ll be fresh as a daisy.


Credit Crunch and Green Festival – Stay At Home

However hard they try, music festivals are never going to be green – until now if digital radio company PURE has its way. Billed as the Credit Crunch Festival, the company encourages you to listen to the radio (a PURE one of course), invite a few friends over, sit in your garden and enjoy.

All you need to do is listen to coverage of a festival on the radio and it’ll be like you’re there. Sort of.

Isle of Wight 12th-14th June XFM London,Absolute Radio
Glastonbury June 24th-27th BBC Radio 1,Radio 2, 3, 4, 6Music, Asian Network
T in the Park 10th-12th July BBC Radio 1
Cambridge Folk Festival 30thJuly-2nd Aug BBC Radio 2
East London Mela 2nd August BBC Asian Network
V Festival 22nd-23rd Aug Absolute Radio
Reading and Leeds 28th-30th Aug BBC Radio 1
Proms 17th July-12th Sept BBC Radio 3


Teachers Launch Save The Planet Song

Two teachers from Illinois in USA, called Mike and Jeff, have joined up to record a song called Save The Planet. “We wanted to emphasize points that every person on the planet can do, such as: water and energy conservation along with recycling plastics and paper” said Jeff.

It’s available to buy on iTunes, but you can watch it in the embedded video below first. Partial proceeds go to charity, so why not give it a listen, you might like it. You can visit their website too.

Mandyleigh Storm Album Review And Free Mp3’s

Our favourite Sellaband artist Mandyleigh Storm releases her debut album Fire & Snow on March 10th 2008. So what’s the album like? To get a balanced opinion I also asked Adam to review it too. [Disclosure: We invested a small amount in Mandyleigh via Sellaband. Read about it here.]

Mandyleigh Storm Fire & Snow album cover

There are many highlights of the album, to listen to some free tracks whilst reading this, you can download “Deep Sea Green”, “Cry Hard” or “Let It Go” for no charge from Sellaband and the whole album for only $3.50.

It’s not often a new artist comes along and you can recognise their voice instantly, but hers is one. A excellent opening with Deep Sea Green, followed by one of my favourites, Winter’s Day. Slightly “toned down” for the album, it’s apparently all about a relationship breaking down but you still want to save it. Love it! With strong album themes regarding depression, several tracks such as Go With It and Keep The Silence certainly don’t depress with the latter more a traditional pop song with a pop beat, that shows her versatility.

Sunny New Day is a change of pace and uptempo and is Adam’s current second favourite. My actual favourite is Grey, another song about depression. Adam had heard this one before a while ago and once it starts it was like a nice reminder of things past (if that makes sense). The simple music means the voice does a lot of work – lucky it’s a good one. Quite slow and sad but not soppy, it’s like the end of a film or something, very familiar and easy listening.

The Limited Edition CD also comes with 6 of the demo mp3’s, a video interview with Mandyleigh, and vocal .wav’s of “Keep The Silence” and “Go With It” for the remixers and mashup artists out there.

Green credentials? Well you can download the album for a start, with three tracks being free and the entire album only $3.50. Plus efforts have been taken with regards to the Limited Ediiton CD packaging to produce it in as an environmentally sustainable way as possible.

Overall, I love this album as much as I hoped I would, a stunning debut from a unique singer. Download the free tracks, and if you like them buy the album. Either way, let us know what you think!

Song Of The Day – PJ Harvey

Not quite so much “Song Of The Week” as “Song Of The Last Few Weeks” as we haven’t posted one for a while. PJ Harvey performs the track ‘White Chalk’, taken from her 2007 album White Chalk, on the UK’s BBC2 Later… with Jools Holland. If you like it then also try her live version of Silence. Great stuff.