A New/Old Way To Save Ink

A company called CoGen Media got in touch to tell us about a new product that will help save waste by helping printer cartridges last longer.

Probably invented to save money originally (it’s a great motivator), the ecoPrint2 software is becoming popular in America as way for schools, companies and individuals to be environmentally friendly. The software acts as an internal printer allowing you to automatically use less ink with your printer and even do things like print two pages per sheet without having to set it up each time.


So it saves ink and paper basically. Now I know the argument is that no printing saves even more ink and paper, and while I don’t print at all at home, at work it’s unavoidable. Businesses need to take their responsibilities more seriously and I would suggest, without actually being in a position to test it, that this sort of software, and idea in general, is a step in the right direction.

It does cost around $40 for the basic version though, so I’ll just be hunting for the ‘draft’ option on my printer I think. Go to Ecoprintsaver.com to find out more.


An Fun Way To Reuse That Old Shirt

I sometimes wonder why I buy new clothes. I suppose the fashion industry has a lot to answer for and I buy new clothes mainly because the old ones look er old basically. The clothes I don’t want any more always go to a good home – charity shops mainly. But I spotted someone doing something different with their old clothes vis Springwise.com – making old shirts into bibs.

Adult bibs that is. Or Dirt Shirts as the company, Jemfruit, calls them. And what a great idea they are. Basically an alternative to tying a napkin around your neck for messy eaters, Dirt Shirts are just the front of a shirt which goes around your neck and covers your normal clothes.

Invented by Margo Roth from Michigan who also sells nuts and homemade jams on the Jemfruit website, they would probably make a good apron for cooking as well. And if you’re handy with a sewing needle, it’s something you can probably do yourself . Available for around US$19, check out the video to see them in action.

Dirt Shirt video

Brad Pitt Helps Launch Eco Skincare Range

It’s not often we mention Brad Pitt on Life Goggles, which some people may say is a shame, but we’re mentioning him now as helped launch a new biodegradable body cleanser. Made by skincare experts Kiehl’s, it’s made from aloe vera and 100% of the proceeds from sales got to the charity JPF Eco Systems.


Also sourced from environmentally friendly ingredients, free of parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate, the hope is to raise £600,000 for the charity, which is an initiative dedicated to the construction of environmentally sustainable, affordable housing for the displaced victims of the 2005 Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

And it’s good to see the bottle is 100% recycled too. The body cleanser costs £15 from Kiehl’s shops or go online to fine other stockists like department stores.

Alicia Lai of Bourgeois Boheme in Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs

A bit late, but thought it was worth pointing out that at the end of last year, Alicia Lai of Bourgeois Boheme was named as one of the 2008 Future 100 Young Entrepreneurs of the Year.


Alicia is the founder and managing director of Bourgeois Boheme and was named during Global Entrepreneurship Week. The Future 100 Awards profiles young entrepreneurs aged 18-35 who are demonstrating entrepreneurial flair and innovation in progressing a responsible business venture; one which demonstrates a balance between economic, environmental and social goals to achieve ultimate business success.

Bourgeois Boheme is a compassionate fashion boutique with an ethical-business model and uses environmentally friendly fabrics like hemp, organic and fairtrade cotton. We’ve reviewed one of its wallets in the past.

Well done Alicia.

How Painting Your Roof White Can Help Save The Planet

Another post for you, written by Ben from Big Green Smile. This time he talks about painting your roof…

“Drive smaller cars, install efficient light bulbs, insulate our lofts, plant trees and don’t fly. Most of us are familiar with the dos and don’ts of climate change but here is something new for your arsenal in the fight. Paint your roof white. A little bit ‘out there’ perhaps but this is the vision of Hashem Akbari, a US scientist based at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California.


“The Greeks have been doing this to their beautiful villages for centuries of course but Hashem Akbari believes that painting the grey and let’s face it rather dull buildings of our own towns and cities white will have a tangible benefit in curbing global warming. White/light roofs reflect approximately 50% of the sunlight whereas on black/dark surfaces this is just 10-20%.

“Akbari calculates that a mass movement to paint our roofs white could result in 0.03% additional sunlight being bounced off the earth; enough to cancel out a tremendous 44bn tonnes of CO2, which is the projected increase for the next decade.

“With carbon emissions still rising, painting everything white is not the only answer, by Akbari’s own admission. The idea needs mass contribution for it to be effective but compared to other measures it is relatively simple, does not need protracted long negotiations for it to be effective and is relatively cheap.

Big Green Smile

“Studies in Los Angeles have shown that replacing two thirds of rooftops and road surfaces with reflective surfaces would cool the city by 2-3C. Although the UK does not have the hot climate of California there are benefits to be had anywhere that has need of air conditioning, and that certainly counts London. Akbari would ultimately like to see his idea included in carbon offsetting schemes and has calculated that every 10 square meters of re-painted reflective surface is preventing the release of a ton of carbon dioxide.

“Time to get the painting clothes on then.”

Brown Is The New Green

A bit of a lazy post for me today, but I wanted to point you in the direction of journalist and author Nick Rosen. His website, off-grid.net, is a great place to find out about being green. Except in a recent post he now thinks that the word ‘green’ is too overused and we should change it to brown.

And he may have a point, along with actress Daryl Hannah (you know, from Splash) and some others, he argues that every company tries to use the word green now. I like the suggestion of Greenpeace turning to Brownpeace, but how long would it be until ‘brown’ is used in the same way?


Another Place To Recycle Your Gadgets: Gazelle.com

Back in 2007, Joel wrote about BuyMyTronics, which takes broken and old iPods, consoles, mobile phones etc. It then fixes them and sells them, keeping them out of landfill.

Well there’s another company that’s launched a similar service in the US. Gazelle.com buys the same sort of stuff plus dvds, camcorders, cameras and all that sort of stuff. Not only does it promise to give an offer to anything you want to send it (it’ll pay for postage and packaging), you can choose to donate your money to charity rather than keep it too.

Seems pretty simple, just answer the questions it has for you online and a calculator will tell you how much it’ll pay for it. And it promise it won’t send a single thing to landfill.

Source: Springwise