Method Laundry Detergent Eco Product Review

Method continues it’s expansion of eco-cleaning products and has released its first laundry detergent.

Just looking at the bottle you know it’s going to be different, it’s an unusual shape and has a pump on the top proudly stating that “4 PUMPS = 1 WASH” and that this 300ml bottle is equal to 25 washes. Impressive stuff.

Method Laundry Detergent has a patent-pending formula which “seeks out dirt and stains” and means that you only need to use a quarter of the amount of detergent that you usually need, hence a small bottle with a lot of washes.

Method laundry

There are further instructions on the back saying how you can use less or more pumps depending on how dirty the wash is.

I have an old washing machine that is eco-friendly by default – it’ll only wash on a cool wash so sometimes eco detergent can struggle. Not this one though, although I haven’t used it on a particularly dirty load, just putting four pumps in cleaned the clothes nicely – basically as you would expect any detergent to do, eco or not.

The other useful thing is that my machine doesn’t like taking the powder or liquid from the drawer so having the option to squirt directly into the machine is a good thing. I did worry that it’d just wash the clothes I squirted onto so I spread it around a bi,t but it worked perfectly, all the clothes seemed to be cleaned the same.

The eco credentials of the liquid are pretty good, it’s 95% plant based and concentrated so you use less detergent each time. You may be thinking about the plastic bottle, I asked Method about that and it’s made from 50% recycled plastic and is grade 2 recyclable.

Method Laundry detergent is available from places in the UK like Tesco and Waitrose as well as online (try Big Green Smile) for around £5.99. The version I tried was ‘fresh air’ but there is also ‘peony blossom’ and ‘free + clear’ which is fragrance and dye free.


Ecover Concentrated Non Biological Laundry Liquid Eco Product Review

I’ve reviewed the Ecover’s Non Biological Integrated Washing Powder before and liked it so much that’s what I use on a daily basis now, so I was intrigued to try out the the concentrated liquid version.

Ecover Non Biological Laundry Liquid

And it is pretty concentrated as just one 35ml capful is enough for one load of washing unless you have hard water (or half the amount for hand washing), and coupled with Ecover fabric softener, my clothes came out looking and smelling fresh and clean.

If I have one criticism about the powder, it’s that sometimes it can leave white marks on my black shirts when I’ve packed the washing machine tight but this negates that problem. Also the fact that it’s concentrated means that compared to the normal liquid it uses 54% less packaging and two thirds of the amount of lorries to deliver it around the country.

Ecover Concentrated Non Biological Laundry Liquid is available in a 750ml bottle online from places like Big Green Smile for £5.69, or instore.

Ecover Concentrated Biological Laundry Liquid Eco Product Review

I’ve reviewed many Ecover products including its Non Biological Integrated Washing Powder and generally been impressed with it. So I was intrigued to receive this new concentrated laundry liquid – both the bio and non bio versions.

Ecover biological laundry liquid

First up is the bio. The packaging has taken some tips from Ikea instruction manuals and gone with pictures on how to use it – one 35ml capful equals one load of washing. And that’s about it really. You can use more if you have hard water and half the amount for hand washing.

And as you would expect it works well. I put it in the drawer of the washing machine and washed away. If I had one criticism of the powder it’s when I used it on a full load of dark colours. If things are packed in tight I’d find white marks in the creases of black shirts. But the liquid negates this and coupled with Ecover fabric softener, your clothes come out smelling fresh and clean.

Ecover Concentrated Biological Laundry Liquid is available in a 750ml bottle online from places like Big Green Smile for £5.69, or instore.

Ziloclassic Smellkiller Eco Product Review

Now here’s something you don’t see every day. A metal soap. When Big Green Smile contacted me to review one of Zilolonka’s products, I didn’t know where to start. Metal soaps? It sounded like science fiction to me and something that will never work, so obviously I just had to try it out.

I opted for the Ziloclassic – just the original ‘soap’ rather that than any of the numerous other products available – such as a dishwasher smell killer – and the first thing that you notice is the weight of it. Well the second thing, the first is that it’s metal obviously, but it is a heavy thing for the size of it – comparable to a small hand soap.

The idea is that you can use it as a normal soap to get rid of strong smells like onion and garlic but also stubborn smells like diesel or oil – in conjunction with running water of course. It can also remove odours from clothes and from rooms – which is how I first used it.


The soap works when it comes into contact with both water and air so after cooking dinner I wanted to get rid of the smell of cooking so set the Ziloclassic up. You need to put it in a dish (you can buy a version with its own dish) with some water, but without covering it up – so it’s exposed to both air and water at the same time. And then you just leave it.

Five minutes later and the smell was still there – I was a little disappointed but decided to give it another five. And that’s when the magic started to happen. It really is weird to think that a small 5cm steel disc has managed to remove the smell.

My intrigue naturally led me to some investigation to how the thing works and got some good information which explains that when it comes into contact with air and water, the special steel alloy acts like a catalyst that neutralises all odours – just like the catalytic converter that reduces harmful emissions from a car’s exhaust.

For those who like further details: “The large, complex, organic smell molecules that are present in the air are broken up by the catalyst Smellkiller into smaller ‘odourless’ molecules, therefore killing the smell… Smells are natural, organic chains which happen to interact with our noses to trigger our sense of smell. If you then break the organic string, you are then only left with individual pearls and subsequently the pattern disappears. If you break the ‘odour chain’ then the scent disappears as well.”

Clear? Well all I know is that, amazingly enough, it works. It feels a bit weird rubbing your hands with a metal disc but after a few days I’ve found I’ve got used to it and quite like it. It’s also a definite talking point when people come round.

While made of metal and coming in a plastic case isn’t that environmentally friendly to begin with, the fact that it lasts forever means you’ll not need to buy another soap ever again – which is kind to the environment.

The Ziloclassic Smellkiller costs £14.99 from Big Green Smile.

Traidcraft Fair Trade Rubber Gloves Eco Product Review

Just a quick review this week as it was something I bought not planning to review but because I needed a pair of rubber gloves. I picked up this pair of Traidcraft Fair Trade Rubber Gloves from some supermarket, I actually can’t remember, but when I was using them recently (during a blocked up sink incident I’m trying very hard to forget) I thought I must write about them.

Traidcraft rubber gloves

Traidcraft work with a company in Sri Lanka called Firstlight (named after the fact farmers tap the rubber trees first thing in the morning) to pay farmers a regualr and fair wage and offer them assistance with equipment and technical support.

There’s not much else to say about the the gloves, they fit nicely (size medium) and have a little bit of grip on the fingers to help. I don’t really know why you would but non-Fair Trade rubber gloves, especially as they’re only around £1. You can learn more about Traidcraft here and buy the gloves from supermarkets and online from places like Big Green Smile.

Fresh And Green Toilet Cleaner Eco Product Review

I don’t tend to buy environmentally friendly products from the supermarket, but this caught my eye so I thought ;why not?’. Fresh and Green’s Eco Friendly Toilet Cleaner and Limescale Remover is part of TV chef Antony Worrall Thompson’s range of cleaner products, and there’s quite a range, is derived from natural plant extracts and promises to have used sustainable agricultural practices in making it.

Fresh and Green Toilet Cleaner

The problem with reviewing toilet cleaner is that if you use a different one regularly and your toilet is clean, all the cleaner you’re reviewing needs to do it keep it clean, rather that get rid of a lot of limescale etc. But as most people are in that situation, where they regularly clean the toilet, then I decided it was fair enough to review it this way.

The cleaner is clear and has a nice citrus-like fragrance which stays around after a couple of flushes but as with all the varieties I’ve tested it tends to disappear after that. Once you squirt it on you can actually just leave it for up to two hours and just flush before using it, but I like to use a toilet brush too. And it worked really well, no problems at all with it, it’s easy to use and left the bowl looking nice and clean – you can’t say much more than that eh?

Fresh And Green Toilet Cleaner is available a supermarkets like Adsa, Budgen and Waitrose, as well as smaller stores like the Co-op and Robert Dyas. Prices vary, but expect to pay around £3.00. For more information you can check out the Fresh and Green website.

Method Wood for Good Wipes Eco Product Review

Out of the growing number of Method products being released, the latest we’ve reviewed at Life Goggles was the Steel for Real wipes. In the same vein come the Method Good for Wood wipes, but for use of wood furniture obviously.

Using the same clever packet as the steel wipes, with it’s pop open ‘stay fresh’ lid, it holds about 30 wipes which for the limited amount of wood I have in my flat, that means about a year’s worth of cleaning! Not bad for the price I reckon.

Wood for Good wipes

I haven’t tried the spray version of the surface cleaner so they were totally new to me and the first thing that hits you is the smell, it reminded me of holidays for some reason but is in fact almond oil.

Using them is simplicity itself, just take it out of the packet and wipe away. They leave a lovely shine without too much work and as happy as you can be when cleaning, they left me pretty content.

Made from bamboo, the wipes can be put on the compost heap when you’ve used them, and you can’t say that about many cleaning products can you? As usual, a Method product has impressed me again, I always look forward to reviewing its products.

Method Wood for Good Wipes cost £3.50 from most supermarkets and online shops such as Big Green Smile.