Heaven Scent Spiced Apple Jar Candle Eco Product Review

This candle from Scented Candle Shop is a little different from all the others we’ve reviewed it is housed in a glass jar.

There’s not much difference though, it’s still 100% organic plant wax handmade from a natural, sustainable plant source. There’s no petroleum based paraffin wax or animal products involved either. All this makes for a very runny wax when the candle is lit so the jar format works very well. The top half centimetre or so melts and turns a little darker than the rest of the candle which is actually quite a nice effect.

Spiced Apple Jar Candle

The weight of the glass is also an advantage as any little knocks on the candles housed in little tins or pots and suddenly you have near invisible wax over the table or on the floor. This ins’t the case with this one but I did check to see how hot the wax is and once again it’s not hot at all so if you did spill it on you, you’ll be okay.

The scent is quite delicate actually, until you get extremely close when you can smell the apple more strongly.

With a 50 hour burning time and being eco-friendly, it’s hard to fault this candle. The scent could maybe be stronger but I’m not sure you’d want that really.

Heaven Scent Spiced Apple Jar Candle cost £6.29 and is available from the Scented Candle Shop.


Heaven Scent Patchouli Travel Candle Eco Product Review

The Heaven Scent Patchouli Travel Candle from theScented Candle Shop is a subtly scented soothing candle that is perfect for an evening of peace and relaxation.

The candle produces a subtle and relaxing aroma that I can only describe a lovely cross between lemon and incense. Rest assured that the fresh, lemony scent does not smell like cleaning products and unlike other scented candles, is not over-powering. In fact, the aroma may even be a bit too subtle, and it is advisable to place the candle close-by to ensure that you can fully enjoy the scent.

Travel candle

The packaging claims that the patchouli candle is ‘meditative’. I’m not particularly into meditation myself but if you are type of person who likes to light candles to unwind then this is definitely one for you. It would certainly provide a lighter alternative to burning incense.

The candle is made from 100% natural sustainable wax, plant source and essential oil. However, it does come in a plastic pot, which not only reduces the candle’s eco-credentials somewhat (presumably it’s lighter and easier for travelling around, hence the name), but the pot does get pretty hot as the candle is left burning, making it difficult to move around.

The great thing about this candle is that is very self-contained. The wax and oil sit low in the pot so there is no need to worry about dripping wax anywhere. This also means that once blown out, the melted candle then solidifies, ready to be burned and enjoyed again.

The Heaven Scent Patchouli Travel Candle is available from the Scented Candle Shop and costs £3.59.

Rose Organic Pillar Candle Eco Product Review

The Scented Candle Shop has sent us candle lovers at Life Goggles lots of candles to review and some were the same candle just a different scent. And this organic pillar candle is just the rose version of the Sea Breeze candle I reviewed a while back.

So it’s going to be a short review, you can refer to the other review if you like, but this is exactly the same but er pink. Okay, not exactly the same as also the smell isn’t as strong as the Sea Breeze one but it’s just as pleasant.

Rose pillar candle

Made from 100% organic vegan plant wax and natural oils, it’s harder to get a better candle for the environment. It still crystallizes rather than melts but burns nice and evenly. this one left a lattice shell as it burned down too which was a nice effect.

The Rose Organic Pillar Candle costs £1.79 and can be found here.

Echo Paper – Recycled Paper Review

Echo Paper sells 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper, in a variety of formats.

The paper is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). Their paper is also 100% process chlorine free and acid-free archival paper that will not yellow over time.

So why use recycled paper? Using 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper results in:

  • 45% less energy use
  • 38% less greenhouse gasses produced
  • 45% less wastewater generated
  • 50% less solid waste created
  • 100% less wood use

In fact, using 20 cases of Envirographic 100 paper that is made with 100% post-consumer waste rather than non-recycled paper saves the following resources:

  • 2 tons of wood used (approximately 13 trees)
  • 4,700 gallons of water (273 eight-minute showers)
  • 9 million btu of energy (enough energy to power an average American household for 37 days)
  • 548 pounds of solid waste (18.5 thirty-two gallon garbage cans)
  • 1,039 pounds of greenhouse gases (equivalent of carbon sequestered by about 13 tree seedlings grown for ten years)

Also Echo Paper plants a tree for every case sold, in partnership with Trees for the Future.

Now if I could just find out why paper in the US is three hole punched and in the UK two or four holes and a slightly different size….

Heaven Scent Incense (Strawberry) Organic Tea Light Candles Eco Product Review

The Scented Candle Shop sent us a whole load of candles to try out and recently I tested some tea lights. This Heaven Scent Incense Organic Tea Light Candles are basically the same but strawberry flavour.

You can tell they’re strawberry by the huge waft of strawberry when you happen to glance at them. It really is quite a strong smell when unlit in a confined space. Oh and they’re bright red. I’d suggest it’s a fake strawberry smell, but it’s pretty pleasant and although I don’t know what ingredient actually does make the scent, the candles are organic so I’ll assume it’s okay.

Strawberry tea lights

Like the plain tea lights, these are made from 100% vegetable palm oil/wax and are vegan. In a large room, when lit, the scent is actually quite subtle and pleasant. They last quite a long time, just like any other tea light really – but better for the environment.

There are lots of other scents – vanilla, cranberry, sea breeze etc that you can find here. These strawberry ones cost £2.69 for six from the Scented Candle Shop.

Heaven Scent Organic Tea Light Candles Eco Product Review

Probably the most popular type of candle out there, tea lights are ubiquitous and seemingly everywhere in our house. So it was nice to receive some organic tea lights to test.

Organic tea lights

Made by Heaven Scent these unscented tea lights are handmade with 100% organic palm wax, are vegan, handmade and burn cleanly. And they basically work in exactly the same way as other tea lights. Although they look yellowish to begin with, they burn clearly and last a decent amount of time – about 4 hours.

They still come in the little metal holders that non-organic tea lights come in and there’s no information on how environmentally friendly that is or indeed the cardboard box it comes in. But as an alternative to normal tea lights it’s a step in the right direction.

And they’re pretty reasonably priced too. Heaven Scent Organic Tea Light Candles are available from the Scented Candle Shop and cost £3.59 for 24.

TrickleSaver Energy Saving Product Review

We’re previously mentioned TrickleSaver, a device designed to stop the flow or drain of standby power when appliances are not being used (often called vampire power). Well, we got our hands on the products for a test.

We were sent the PC TrickleSaver, TV TrickleSaver and PC TrickleSwitch. Made by TrickleStar, the PC TrickleSaver and TV TrickleSaver are almost the same product, except the PC version (Mac compatible) uses a USB connection. When the PC or TV is on, the accessories such as printers or DVD players are also on, but when they’re off, power to all the other accessories/peripherals is also turned off.


You simply plug the main device into the Master socket, or use the USB connection on the PC version and a powerstrip into the slave socket and that’s it. It’s pretty discrete and fairly minimally packaged. Apparently it will earn it’s money back more quickly that a “smart” powerstrip too. They worked well, I chose not to keep my cable box in the loop as it is a DVR and they are often recommended to be left on for software and TV guide updates. Plus it takes nearly 10 minutes to boot up each time too and that was no fun.


I was also sent the TrickleSwitch, which is a desktop accessory for the PC TrickleSaver. Essentially you plug it in between the USB connection to the PC/Mac and you have a handy button on your desktop. What does it do? Well it can be used to turn the powerstrip that is connected to all the peripherals on or off. So when you’re using the PC you can have everything turned off if you’re not using them, but can turn them on quickly without having to crawl under your desk. It’s actually pretty handy though could have been part of the PC TrickleSaver rather than an optional accessory, but it was very easy to install (it’s just a button with an in and an out USB socket on).

Take a look at TrickleStar.