Organic Surge Shower Gel Eco Product Review

I reviewed another Organic Surge product recently (handwash, here) and was impressed, so was looking forward to trying out their shower gel, sent by Big Green Smile.

I’ve reviewed a lot of eco-friendly shower gels over the years at Life Goggles and most are named after the plant which is the main ingredient, be it eucalyptus, aloe Organic Surge Shower Gel Eco Product Review


Organic Surge Handwash Eco Product Review

We’ve reviewed a few handwashes at Life Goggles and it amazes me how popular they are. Handwash is something you don’t really think about but end up using it everyday. Thinking about yesterday (as I write this) I think I used soap twice and handwash three times to wash my hands so it’s great there are so many eco-friendly choices.

This Organic Surge Handwash is made by a company called Thinkhappy which is a great name. The ever helpful Big Green Smile sent me the lavendar and geranium version that promises that it “cleanses, refreshes and moisturises” and has a “delicious natural fragrance”.

Organic Surge handwash

And it seems to do the job exactly as promised. Despite the opaque bottle, the handwash is clear and smooth. With damp hands it soaps up nicely without needing to use too much. It’s lavendar fragrance is noticable straight out of the bottle, but isn’t overwhelming.

Once washing off, the lavender smell stays on your hands which is as it should be, but smelling it every time I went to drink a glass of water after started to put me off it it, but five minutes later the smell had gone – I must remember not to wash my hands when I’m very thirsty!

Buying Organic Surge products also helps African children as the company donates to various projects there: “Our donations go towards creating educational scholarships in schools, helping the Kenya Children’s Home Orphanage in Kenya and supporting the Watoto children’s charity in Uganda.”

The handwash is made with 99% naturally derived ingredients and some certified organic ingredients but does come in a plastic bottle – but they all do to compete with mainstream brands and I’m safe in the knowledge that I can recycle it easy enough. I would like it if companies paid more attention to the bottles though and started using recycled bottles.

That slight complaint aside, I’ve found this handwash really nice to use and it’ll adorn my bathroom for many months to come.

Organic Surge Handwash costs £3.91 from Big Green Smile.

JASON Natural Sea Kelp Shampoo Eco Product Review

By it’s very name, JASON’s Natural Sea Kelp Shampoo conjures up images of a sloppy green sunstance, smelling of the sea. But Big Green Smile has sent us JASON products before (which we liked) so I expected it would be slightly different than that.

Sea Kelp Shampoo

And it was. It was a see-through yellow colour for a start and it also smelt of pineapple and coconut bizarrely. A quick look at the ingredients doesn’t really shed light on why it smells like that, but I’m not complaining.

There are a lot of plant extracts – there’s the sea kelp obviously, but also such unusual things like kukui nut, awapuhi (Hawaiian ginger), plumeria and orchid. It never ceases to amaze me where they find this stuff, every product I review seems to have some plant or flower I’ve never heard of in. It shows what a diverse planet we have and the need for man made ingredients is getting less and less necessary.

Talking of ingredients, this shampoo is free from lauryl sulfates and has what it calls plant panthenols and proteins to mositurise the hair. I keep my hair pretty short but it’s long enough to see if it works. And it’s quite nice. It’s a pretty thick liquid and I used too much on the first go and it foams up nicely, covering my hair.

I think someone with long hair would get a lot of pleasure using this as it doesn’t just smell nice and foam up, once washed off my hair felt nice and smooth, almost silky which is what all the shampoo adverts keep telling us is a good thing.

The bottle obviously suggests to use JASON conditioner but as I don’t have any, I didn’t, and to be honest I don’t see the point of conditioner that much as my hair feels lovely just after using the shampoo. Maybe if you have longer hair it’s more important.

JASON Natural Sea Kelp Shampoo costs £5.75 from Big Green Smile.

Miessence After Shave Balm Product Review

I love receiving products from BuyGreen as they’re packaged in reused boxes. It’s a cool feature, the boxes are stamped on the inside that they’ve shamelessly reused the box, and that’s great in my opinion.

This time I received Miessence After Shave Balm. It’s a pretty expensive product, at $23.95, but less than some high end traditional after shave balms and lotions.

Miessence After Shave Balm

It’s Certified Organic which according to their standards means that “it contains at least 95% organically produced agricultural ingredients (excluding water and salt). The remaining ingredients (up to 5%) can be non-agricultural substances or non-organically produced agricultural ingredients, with strict processing criteria (eg: absolutely no GMOs or synthetics chemicals)”.

Made with organic chamomile and marshmallow, these are the two things you can smell the most. It also contains organic witch hazel, aloe vera and St. John’s wort to help soothe and calm razor burn. It comes in a pump bottom which makes it easy to apply. It works nciely, it was quickly absorbed, didn’t leave me looking shiny or greasy, and I didn’t feel like I needed to wash my hands to get it off afterwards.

Putting a balm on that contains only edible ingredients makes me think it’s got to be better for me that those weird long-named chemicals I see on other after shave products.

Apparently the ingredients are also cold-formulated so precious oils are never exposed to damaging heat. I didn’t know that, but sounds good.

You can ge Miessence After Shave Balm and a lot of other green products for your home and office from BuyGreen.

Surya Moisturising Hand Sanitizer Eco Product Review

With Swine Flu being in the news so much, hand santisers (although spelt with a ‘z’ on this product) are all the rage with every shop form the cheap to the high-class selling them. But this is the first natural and organic hand sanitiser I’ve seen.

Made by Surya Brasil, this Moisturising Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs and says on the packet it comes with Jua and Acai. I don’t know what either they are but it says Acaiis rich in proteins and Vitamin E and Jua is a cleansing and refreshing fruit.

Surya sanitizer

It’s also hypoallergenic and is certified organic by Eco Cert, but how well does it work? The first time I tried it I found the smell quite strong and similar to those cleansing pads they use to clean skin when you’re giving blood. But after a few goes I realised the smell was only so strong as I used too much. You don’t really need a lot as the clear gel spreads easily over your hands and quickly, but not too quickly, absorbs into the hands.

Once absorbed there’s not much of a smell at all, it leaves your hands feeling quite soft and presumably very clean. There’s now sticky residue and my hands did feel moisturised too. I don’t usually use a moisturiser on my hands so am not sure how it compares to a straight moisturiser.

Available for a very reasonable £3.50 for a 60ml bottle from Liberty or elsewhere online, it’s also available in a 200ml bottle for £10.

Simply Soaps’ Organic Guy Bar Soap Eco Product Review

As the name might suggest, the Organic Guy Bar Soap from So Organic is simple: simple packaging, simple product.

While I usually tend to buy mainstream, branded products – preferring facewashes and shower gels to soaps, which I’ve found leave your skin feeling dry and rubbery – I was reasonably surprised by this product.

I as struck by the sharp contrast it presents against some of its present day rivals, chiefly because it doesn’t claim to use sophisticated, laboratory-developed technology, priding itself instead on being modest and subtle.

Organic Guy Bar

In addition it is quite practical: the rough, box-like shape makes it easy to grip and the corners stop the bar from slipping from your hands when wet, unlike oval-shaped soaps.

In all, the Organic Guy Bar does exactly what it is supposed to do; it gets dirt off, with the added bonus being that it didn’t leave my skin feeling as dry as I thought it would.

However I found the product’s excessive simplicity was also its only downfall. While the fragrance is light, earthy, subtle, and calming, I feel it is important not only to feel clean but to smell clean too – a sensation that didn’t last for very long with this soap.

Although I’m not sure I would buy the Organic Guy Bar, if it’s a practical, unassuming product that you’re after, this soap could be for you.

Simply Soaps’ Organic Guy Bar Soap is available from So Organic for £2.50.

Organic Blue Hair and Body Wash Eco Product Review

Hair and Body Wash for Men by Organic Blue from So Organic is an all natural and organic shower gel and shampoo combination. The product is SLS free and does not contain parabens or any synthetic colours or fragrances.

The first thing I noticed when I popped the top off the bottle was the strong smell of the gel, a mixture of lemongrass and eucalyptus. This was a bit overpowering at first but did calm down a bit after a while and I got used to it fairly easily. The gel didn’t leave the strong smell on my body that I was worried it would, but rather left me feeling fresh for work that day and each day I used it.

Organic Blue

The main problem I had with the gel was that I used the whole bottle very quickly for two reasons. Firstly, the gel was quite runny, especially when compared to other shower gels, which meant a lot came out the bottle when I tipped it into my hand. Indeed, the wash has more of a watery thickness than a true gel.

Secondly, the gel didn’t lather well at all meaning I had to use plenty for each shower. I would probably have been able to use less but I was not used to using a shower gel that didn’t lather much at all.

I’m afraid I can’t say that the Organic Blue product was good or bad as a shampoo – I never think that shower gels that double up as a shampoo are particularly good and didn’t use it for my hair. It probably says something that I wasn’t tempted to try it on my hair after using it on my body.

Importantly, Organic Blue Hair and Body Wash left me clean and refreshed after use and at £3.99 represents good value for an all natural alternative to high street brands of hair and body wash, even if the bottle empties fairly fast.