Aloe Pura Dental Floss Eco Product Review

Now I’m not sure if this review will be helpful or not. I’ve not tried the stuff myself, but you can find out more on the Trust William website.

This review was written by Andy, who wanted to title it: Is the floss posh or dross? That sort of sets the tone:

“There are some routines in life that are insignificant to the bigger questions we all face, and one of those is dental floss. Yet it can still pay to spend a bit of time evaluating the minty cords we yank through our choppers nigh daily.


“The first question we have to ask of organic dental floss, which is made from free range bees wax, is whether it is as gentle on the molars as the more mainstream offerings. Its non organic competition boasts a silk finish for supreme comfort, not to mention speedier cleaning times as the smoother action of silk shaves seconds off a regular floss job.

“Sadly, the eco floss causes a great amount of friction in the morning and much bleeding of the nashers. I give this floss one point out of five possible points. The reason it gets one is because it is good for the environment, so all the floss that they’ve produced, although no one will buy it, hasn’t been so bad for our natural world. If this is your top priority then definitely go for this floss.”

Aloe Pura Dental Floss is available as part of the Aloe Vera Natural Fresh Breath Pack from Trust William which costs £5.


Surya Brazil Nutritive Hair Mask Eco Product Review

The first thing you notice about the Surya Brazil Nutritive Hair Mask is the smell. Described in the accompanying pamphlet as an ‘all-embracing, exotic and seductive scent’, the Preciosa essential oil gives the product a very distinctive smell, a sort of fusion of eucalyptus and fir cones.

Although it took me a while to get used to, the natural woody scent makes a refreshing change from sickly, floral smelling non-natural hair products. You do really feel as through you are using a completely natural product on your hair.

Surya Hair Mask

The biggest problem with this hair mask, as with most conditioning hair treatments, is that you are instructed to leave it on for twenty minutes before washing it out. As someone who is constantly in a rush I found it difficult to add an extra 20 minutes to my shower time, which meant that I wasn’t able to use the treatment as often as advised (twice a week).

The instructions also indicate that you are supposed to wrap hair in a hot towel whilst waiting for the mask to do its magic. This made me think that perhaps the treatment might be better used in a hair salon, as I had no idea how to make my hair towel hot at home and thus had to use one at room-temperature as normal.

However, despite being unable to follow the instructions completely, I did like this hair mask. Many non-natural hair products can make hair feel silky and even slimy from the moment that you put the conditioner on. The Surya Brazil Hair Mask does not give you that initial slimy feeling but don’t let that fool you into thinking that it isn’t working. I did have to use a lot of the product to cover all of my long, thick hair and it is more of a paste than a liquid. However, after just one treatment my hair felt soft and looked much more shiny and healthy.

At £10 a go, the hair mask isn’t cheap but it does do the job and you don’t have to worry about covering your hair with chemicals. The environmental credentials of this hair mask are pretty good too as the Surya Hair Care range is certified by Eco Cert and vegan approved. All of the packaging is made of recyclable material and none of the products are tested on animals.

The 100% natural and silicone-free Surya luxury hair care range is available exclusively in the UK from Liberty or by mail order on 020 7734 1234.

JASON Tea Tree Satin Body Wash Eco Product Review

Big Green Smile recently sent me the JASON Mango Satin Body Wash, which I reviewed here, and along with it they sent the tea tree variant.

Jason Tea Tree

And it’s even better to be honest. If I’d reviewed it the other way around, I may not have liked the mango one so much as this is lovely.

As it’s just another ‘flavour’ in the same range, there isn’t much new to say about it, although it uses organic tea tree oil instead of the mango stuff obviously. Now, I’m not the greatest fan of tea tree oil but this doesn’t really smell of it – perfect. It’s got quite a fresh smell and is lovely and smooth to touch.

For a change I thought I’d try and wash my hair with it – I try this from time to time with shower gels as sometimes I reckon it’s the same stuff for body and hair – but not in this case, I suppose it does clean your hair but I’d recommend a proper shampoo…

JASON Tea Tree Satin Body Wash costs £7.99 for 900ml from Big Green Smile.

Burt’s Bees All Natural Shave Cream Eco Product Review

Burt’s Bees All Natural Shave Cream combines sunflower oil, coconut oil and glycerin, and contains chamomile and calendula to create a 100% natural alternative to standard shaving products. The cream is pH balanced and free of sodium lauryl, parabens and phthalates.

My first shave with the cream sent to us by from Big Green Smile did not get off to the best start as I was a bit unsure when I applied it – the cream leaves a very thin layer on the face and I compensated this by using quite a fair amount. I think my doubts were based on the fact I am used to shaving foam that is very thick and lathers up well, which this cream does not.

Burt Bees shave cream

Anyway, I massaged plenty in and it shaved surprisingly well and wasn’t too greasy. The cream certainly is kind to the skin and does feel every bit 100% natural. I find that leading brand gel, even the sensitive version, aggravates my skin on its own if left on the skin for a while (I am quite a slow shaver), but there was no such problems here.

Lex shaving

The cream smells absolutely great, probably due to the vast array of oils from various fruits and plants in the ingredients and you do get plenty of pong whilst shaving. My face and hands smelt very nice afterwards and I felt ashamed when I sprayed on a bit of aftershave.

The cream is relatively expensive at around £9 RRP. So I guess the question is did I think it was good enough to warrant paying a fair bit more money than I normally would? The simple answer is yes – I can’t say that shaving is my favourite pastime – in fact I don’t like doing it at all (probably because I am not very good at it) but the experience is much more pleasant using the Burt’s Bees product.

Burt’s Bees All Natural Shave Cream costs £8.80 from Big Green Smile.

JASON Mango Satin Body Wash Eco Product Review

Thanks to Big Green Smile I’m now the owner of a massive tub of body wash. JASON Mango Satin Body Wash to be precise and at 900ml it’s an imposing sight in the bathroom, but more on that later.

JASON is a brand from America, its products are is ‘pure, natural and organic’ and this body wash contains mango and papaya extracts to soften the skin. And it smells like it too. It smells lovely, like a mango yoghurt, or indeed a mango, and is bright orange. As a shower gel it works well, thick and creamy it makes a nice lather like the mainstream, non-organic shower gels do. But this isn’t a shower gel, it’s a body wash and you can use it in the bath too, just put it on a loofah or wash cloth and it works just as well.

JASON body wash

I would advise to thoroughly wash yourself after using it. I have quick showers and putting my underarm deodorant on resulted in it turning a little orange. It’s not permanent but I’m glad it came off then and not onto my white shirt while I was at work.

It comes in a big container as I mentioned, and not easy to fit on that little shelf in the corner of the shower, but I like it. Plastic containers (this is HDPF 4) are a sad by-product of this industry, one that even the best organic companies haven’t be able to overcome. So why not sell them in big containers? I recycle them anyway but there’s less recycling if you have a bigger container. And it’s more cost effective too. Compare the price of this to similar products which are 500ml or so.

JASON Mango Satin Body Wash costs £7.99 for 900ml from Big Green Smile.

Raw Organic 80% Organic Refreshing Body Wash Eco Product Review

The first thing you notice about this Raw Organic 80% Organic Refreshing Body Wash is that the 80% bit stands out. But actually I like that. A lot of cosmetics are called organic but have permitted non-organic ingredients, while this one just tells you the facts.

Sent to us by So Organic, the shower gel is certified by the Soil Association and contains organic apple and elderflower oils to give it its distinctive fragrance. And it is quite distinctive and takes a little getting used to.

Raw Organic body wash

Being used to quite ‘watery’ shower gels, it was a bit of a surprise to discover how thick this one was and you have to give it a good squeeze to get it out of the tube. But being thick means a little goes a long way and it lathers up nicely.

It’s almost a luxury body wash if such a thing exists, it feels like a treat using it and is smooth and silky and, important, cleans you too. If apple and elderflower isn’t your thing, Raw Organic also make a range of hand soaps, shampoos etc in flavours like bilberry and juniper; wild chamomile and olive; and honey and barley.

Raw Organic 80% Organic Refreshing Body Wash costs £8.00 for 250ml from So Organic.

Hemp Soap With Almond Eco Product Review

This Hemp and Almond Pure Vegetable Soap from Sativa Bags smells delicious. If you don’t like marzipan, it’s probably not the soap for you but I loved the almond smell which is strong but not overpowering.

The smell doesn’t stay on your hands after washing however, so fear not about smelling like cake all day. The picture is of the olive oil soap as they must be out of stock of this type at the moment.

Hemp Soap With Olive Oil

Unlike a lot of non-natural products this soap doesn’t dry out the skin on your hands. I have sensitive skin that is prone to eczema but this did not irritate my hands at all. The lather is thick and ever so slightly oily leaving hands soft as well as clean.

A little goes a long way as it lathers up very quickly and after washing my hands numerous times the soap still looks the same size and shape as it did to begin with.

This is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin who struggles to find a soap that doesn’t leave their hands dry and irritated.

Bottega della Canapa Hemp and Almond Pure Vegetable Soap is made in Italy and is available from Sativa Bags costing £2.50 for a 100g bar.