My Favourite Discount Voucher Codes

The following is a paid review for written and reviewed by Joel Williams. It is completely of Joel’s opinion and is not influenced by being paid. If you’re interested in having your service or product reviewed, please contact us.

discount voucherWhen I shop online, I try to find a discount voucher before completing my checkout. There are thousands of vouchers out there and almost every retailer has one in some shape or form.

My Favourite Vouchers is a UK based voucher (coupon) site that collates vouchers for many online and brick and mortar businesses. They offer many ways to be kept up to date with the latest codes apart from visiting the website. An Email newsletter, RSS Feed and even an app (extension) for the Firefox or Chrome web browsers makes accessing the codes easy.

The site is clean and clear of the overload of adverts you typically get on a lot on US based discount voucher sites. The navigation menu is clearly organized into the type of codes you want, such as Free Delivery or Restaurant Deals. There is an A – Z category list and the home page clearly shows the most popular vouchers and the most recent.

I was able to find codes for Topman, Sports Direct and Debenhams easily. I also liked that when clicking to use the voucher code you were taken to the site and provided the voucher in a separate window so you don’t have to click back and forth.

They seem to make their profit by using affiliate links to the websites they link to, so at no cost to you (as it should be). 20% of the profit is given to charity and they have a poll to vote on the charity for that month.

One of the big frustrations I have with voucher sites is the validity of the vouchers and being provided expired codes. While My Favourite Vouchers don’t guarantee that all coupons will work, they strive to only provide valid ones and are easily contactable if for some (unlikely) reason the discount voucher code is not working.

The site is free, provides codes for a lot of great retailers and saves you money easily so seems a great resource. With their blog it looks to be run by real people and not some automated content scrapper providing junk links that don’t work. Next time I need a UK discount voucher code I will definitely look at My Favourite Voucher Codes.

The previous was a paid review for written and reviewed by Joel Williams. It is completely of Joel’s opinion and is not influenced by being paid. If you’re interested in having your service or product reviewed, please contact us.


Laundry Eco Product Reviews Round-up

Another Wednesday and I thought I’d round up some of our reviews. Today it’s laundry time and below are the reviews of the liquids, powders, softeners, sheets and even nuts we’ve reviewed on Life Goggles.

Method laundry

Laundry liquids
Ecover Concentrated Non Biological Laundry Liquid.
Ecover Concentrated Biological Laundry Liquid.
Method Laundry Detergent.

Laundry powders
Simply Sensitive Non Biological Washing Powder.
Ecover Non Biological Integrated Washing Powder.

Fabric softeners
Ecover Fabric Softener.
Greenwoods Soft and Safe Soda Crystals.


Drying sheets
Natural Dryer Sheets.


Soap Eco Product Reviews Round-up

It’s a Wednesday so why not a little round-up of all the soap reviews we’ve had on Life Goggles? Just click on the links to read the full reviews, we’ve covered quite a few different types.

Olive soap

Soap bars
Hemp Soap With Almond.
Simply Soaps’ Organic Guy Bar.
Simply Soaps’ Tea Tree and Calendula Soap.
Bentley Organic Revitalising Soap.
Hemp Soap With Olive Oil.


Hand soaps
Ecover Hand Soap.
Method Foaming Handwash.
Organic Surge Handwash.
Ecosoapia Hand & Body Wash.

Shaving soap
Trevarno Natural Shaving Handmade Soap.

And finally a soap made out of metal
Ziloclassic Smellkiller soap.

Green Rewards Website Review

There are lots of sites out there offering cash back or points when you do online shopping – like ipoints, Pigsback and Quidco. As far as I’m aware however, there hasn’t been one that’s specifically focused on being green and rewarding you for your ethical shopping until Green Rewards contacted us for a paid review of its site.

Green Rewards does just that – rewards you for your eco shopping. As the home page tells us: enjoy, shop, earn and redeem. The first thing to note is that while it encourages ethical shopping, it actually has a wide range of partners, not just environmentally friendly or ethical ones. So it’s up to you how to spend your money and earn your points. Partners are displayed in categories like Books, Music & Film or Home & Garden and clicking through will display all the stores in that category and then you go through to that website. If you’re logged in then Green Rewards will track your purchase and reward you with the appropriate amount of points.

Green Rewards

Points for purchases vary from store to store and are displayed with the store’s logo before you click through. There’s actually a very good FAQ section that explains everything in much more detail than I can. Basically you spend money and then are rewarded with points in the next 30 days as the purchase gets verified. So far, so much the same as other reward sites, but where Green Rewards differs is that you can only spend the points to do eco shopping in its own Green Shop.

This may seem a limitation but I like the idea. There are things you’ll want to buy that just don’t fit in the green category, why not make those purchases and use the money back (or points in this case) to pay for your green products? The Green Shop has a huge range of products to spend your points on, from eco-friendly table mats to books and games. Each product will cost a different amount of points or offer a split between points and cash. This latter option seems more advisable as it will take a while to earn enough points to get ‘free’ products. For example a CD will earn you 60 points if it’s £10. To buy a £37 Eco Kettle, you need 8,720 points – which is 145 CDs! But for 73 CDs and £21.80 you can buy it as well. That doesn’t really seem much better but it’s not too bad in comparison with other sites I’ve used, the points system just seems to earn you less than if you were getting it in cash.

The idea is that you wouldn’t buy hundreds of CDs but use the site as a portal to do all your online shopping. You’ll soon find yourself building up points and putting it towards purchases, just don’t expect it to happen overnight. There’s no expiry date (as far as I could see) on points so there’s no rush to spend them, just quietly build them up until there’s something you want from the green shop. You can also donate points to charity.

From a usability point of view, the site is clean and nicely laid out, although I found a few of the categories packed full with lots of pages so used the search facility to navigate around to products I wanted.

Signing up is easy, it took less than a minute and you get 500 points for registering. My points balance was prominently displayed on the site and it’s easy to look at your account history.

Overall the site is easy to use and a good idea as a way of getting people to spend their points/cash back in a green way. It just needs to start getting the attention and users other sites get.

The Natural Beauty Store

While people may save water, switch their TVs off at the plug and buy the odd organic floret of broccoli, an area which can get missed is beauty products. At Life Goggles, we’ve reviewed various products and the Natural Beauty Store got in touch and paid for a sponsored review of its site.

Natural Beauty Store is simply a one-stop shop to get your personal care products from. Here, however, the products are made from mostly natural ingredients and a lot are certified organic.

While you can search by brand, if you’re new to this area it’s probably easier to navigate via types of products such as make-up, skin, hair, even pets and, shock, horror, men. And the range within the categories is huge. For example in the skin care category, there are 11 sub-categories like moisturiser, lip care etc and within them there are even more categories. It makes it incredibly easy to choose what you want and the prices compare well to non-organic products.

While there’s not much more to write about the shop itself – it’s like other online shops you’ve been to before, there’s even product of the day and jar of the month – but there’s much more to the site. The store also sells raw ingredients – mainly essential oils but also things like herbs and the bottles and jars to keep your mixture in – to make your creams and toner. Don’t know how? No need to worry, the site includes recipes and ideas for you to help.

What makes the site stand out is the resources on there. The recipes as mentioned above, the news pieces, articles written by experts giving you insight and ideas like how to make a face mask and getting back to basics with your skincare. There’s also a forum on the site, called Message Boards, which is unusual for a shop but fits in with the spirit behind the site really well. While it’s a bit sparse at the moment, I’m sure posts will increase and is a great idea to get like-minded people together.

There’s a host of information on the site and is if you’re thinking of going organic and natural, you could do a lot worse that starting here. Many people may be put off making their own skincare products, but it’s actually really easy and I like how this site mixes selling the raw ingredients with teaching you things. And even if you can’t be bothered making your own, you can but ready-made products that are good for the environment. It’s a win-win situation.

Heroes Episode Guide – Season 2 Chapter 10: Truth & Consequences

Another great episode, marred only by Peter being very gullible. Why doesn’t he click that Adam is a bad guy when he unties Victoria? Actually why does she go for the gun as she’s already shot them both and they survived. Maybe she was going for a head shot this time.

Anyway their storyline is quite exciting, unlike Micah, Niki and Monica. No sure what’s been going on there but it’s pretty tedious stuff but maybe it’ll get more exciting now Monica’s been captured – will Niki turn to her bad self to rescue her?

It’s all a bit sad with Claire and the ‘death’ of her dad but is her plan to reveal everything going to get anywhere really? I doubt it. And nice to see Sylar getting some screen time even if he does kill Alejandro. Maya’s a bit like Peter – too trusting.

And Hiro has a bit of a return to form with his time-travelling ways, the flashback to his father (will he be in mooted Heroes: Origins?) was nice and the final confrontation with Peter had me wondering why people don’t just talk a bit more and work out what’s going on?

The next episode is the last for the moment, with the writer’s strike still happening as I write this it may be like a season finale, we shall see…