Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 9: The Homecoming


Save the cheerleader. Save the world.

That’s what we were promised and it finally looks like the time has come. But where’s Hiro? I watched this in two parts and the first 25 minutes was incredible. I loved it and had to tear myself away from it.

I worried about Hiro throughout the episode so it was nice to know we’ll get to see what happens at the end, although that may mean the Homecoming storyline may be hold for the next episode.

So many great things happened, first of all Isaac looks better cleaned up and no longer like Gaius Baltar from Battlestar Galactica. But my favourite was the humanising of all the characters – Nathan’s meaness, Ando’s realisation he depends on Hiro, Peter’s acceptance of his powers and what he must do, Mohinder realising he had a sister and his father protected him (by the way I paused the computer screen and there are at least 40 names on there, 10 of which are deceased and six our heroes we know), DL realising he must do what his son says, Claire accepting herself etc etc. It was all brilliant.

After each episode I realise lots of my questions are being answered, but new ones pop up. Peter is really a hero now but gets arrested, we see Eden’s power but it doesn’t work well on Sylar until the Haitian comes into it, Sylar’s powers seem unstoppable – he resists Eden but both the fall and the Haitian hurt him. What happens next? Has Peter already changed history and Sylar won’t be able to kill Isaac? I’m sure there’s a lot more to come.

Did I mention I want to know what happens to Hiro? It’s becoming a cliche, but I can’t wait for the next episode.

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Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 8: Seven Minutes to Midnight


A cracker. It really was an amazing episode, the most revealing yet. One thing when I’m reviewing these episodes is that I’m a bit lazy and give you a link to another site which reviews them, and thank goodness I do as it would take a while to write down everything that happened. Actually it seems www.heroestheseries.com had the same problem.

I like hearing what other people think about the series and their theories and one I hadn’t thought of was the fact that it may be Ted who blows up New York. He seemingly can’t control his powers and is being locked up so he may go a bit mad and explode. I liked how him and Matt connected and decided to find “the Haitian” (bald guy) who’s been absent in the past few episodes. But we do get to see what Eden can do. Some kind of power of persuasion as she gets Isaac to paint again. We learn more about glasses guy/Claire’s dad/Mr Bennett too and his motivation. His pleading with Isaac seems genuine, as does his ruthlessness later on – he seems a complicated man and could be a hero himself – helping people with special abilities. How many has he helped? How many has he destroyed like Claire’s mother?

It’s all intriguing stuff, we don’t get to see Peter, Nathan, Mr Linderman, Simone etc but we dos get a new hero – for a bit anyway. We meet Charlie – a charming waitress who takes a shine to Hiro and can learn incredibly fast. Watching her and Hiro chat is great but the tension is ramped up with Sylar sitting in the background (amazingly in shadow on a sunny day). Sylar’s abilities seem endless though – how did he kill Charlie? I thought for a moment he might have stopped time and absorbing Hiro’s abilities but think they may have been just showing the watch which Mohinder saw in his flashback/vision (he’s bound to carry on the research isn’t he? And who’s the kid? And what about his sister?).

Again it was a fantastic ending with Ando wondering why Hiro hasn’t come back and focussing in on the photo of Hiro on the noticeboard. How far did he go back? How come he wasn’t only gone five seconds? Answers next week hopefully. Can’t wait.


Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 7: Nothing to Hide


I think we’ve been spoilt. Even a really good episode like this makes me wish for a big thing happening at the end. Actually to be fair we do get a big thing when Hiro and DL team up, but then go their separate ways. You’d think they’d realise and join forces or something but I suppose each have their own problems.

But the rest is little things like Claire’s brother finding the tape (could be a problem in the future), meeting Nathan’s wife, the missing painting etc. All important stuff that helps the story move along but nothing wildly exciting happens. But some important things do.

Ted and his powers for one, the mark on his and Matt’s necks, Mr Linderman’s name popping up again (will we see him before the season finale?) and Peter realising that he can absorb powers. I presume that’s what he was doing when he grabbed hold of Nathan – daring to fly in front of the reporter.

A decent episode and I love the series, but it just makes me want to see the next episode, which I suppose is the makers’ job!

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Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 6: Better Halves


A quieter episode this week, with Nathan and Matt being ignored altogether, but I still found it interesting. Hiro continues to be my favourite character, the smile on his face when he realises he had a sword in the future is great, as is his struggling to cope with the fact he couldn’t save the guys at the poker game, yet Ando is there to support (and translate) for him.

This episode is all about Niki and how she is coping with her evil side. It’s great that they finally get to meet and the majority of the questions that this episode raised are answered within the show which makes a nice change. It turns out that Niki’s evil half set up her husband, D. L. Hawkins, and slips out in the night to kill the guys that DL was going to see in the morning. The same guys who were playing poker with Hiro and Ando. The way these heroes (or evil vililans maybe?) lives intersect is really interesting.

I felt a bit sorry for Niki as she tried to explain to DL what was happening but her evil side asserts control over her. But we do get to see DL’s powers in action and it makes you wonder what powers Micah might have.

My suspicial that glasses guy/Claire’s dad isn’t necessarily the bad guy gains momentum when although he brings fake biological parents to meet Claire, his reaction to hearing the words “save the cheerleader” shows that maybe he’s not in control of everything. He may just be testing and cataloguing the people with powers as he let Matt go. I’m not sure what the significance of him having another pair of glasses is either, but who he was talking to on the phone is important.

In one of the only predictable things about the programme, Mohinder’s friend in New York, Eden, turns out to be working with glasses guy. Despite Mohinder going back to India, she seems to be using him to find people with powers and they both seem used to dealing with these people, using the term pre-cog to describe Issac. I’m intrigued to see if Eden has powers as she’s tasked to go and collect Issac so I’m not sure how she’s going to do that.

Roll on next week.

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Heroes Episode Guide – Chapter 5: Hiros


This episode didn’t disappoint. What an episode. Hiro and Ando split up, Hiro meets the flying Nathan and Ando meets Niki, Claire recovers while her father has the quarterback’s brain wiped, Peter goes to see Issac and finishes his painting, and Matt remembers nothing of his abduction, starts to use his powers to stay with his wife but when he tries to use them for good it all goes wrong. Here’s how the episode panned out for me:

Before the title sequence: look at Nathan go, that’s cool.

Words: never noticed how cleverly they do the title sequence and other words that come up on the screen. Tim Kring, who created it, writes comic books and you can tell. Always moves the stories on.

Same guy – are Mr Linderman and glasses guy the same person? Just thinking.

Issacs painting look like comic strips.

Is the glasses guy/Claire’s Dad actually okay? He let Matt go and he seems fine (until the end), didn’t shoot Nathan and genuinely seems concerned about his adopted daughter.

Nathan annoys me, he should believe Hiro, after all he can fly. And Mohinder should believe Peter, although he’s had no proof so maybe I would act in that way too.

Peter thinks Issac’s painting are like comics too – good man.

Niki still has no idea what’s happening. Most of the other heroes do, she seems to be unable to control hers, or maybe she controls it subconsciously.

Ah maybe the glasses is bad, although he doesn’t kill the quarterback, he gets the bald guy to “hollow him out”.

DL – Niki’s criminal husband who’s on the run – escaped police custody again – I bet he’s got powers too.

Another episode that doesn’t mention Sylar. I’ve forgotten he ‘kills’ Issac in five weeks time.

Please don’t let the episode end, I want to know what happens next.

As ever it left me wanting more. The series is brilliant and each ending always makes me want more. “Save the cheerleader. Save the world” seems to be the new catchline and I can’t wait.

Oh, Hiro’s English is improving quickly isn’t it? As ever, more details can be found here.

Tyler Cruz – A Friend of Evil

Tyler Cruz describes his blog as “The journal of a young web entrepreneur on his journey to wealth.” He sent me an email asking me to take a look at his blog (not paid for), and whilst I normally ignore these requests as I know him since his Sitepoint days I thought I’d do him a favour (hopefully!).

Yeah, I’ve heard of him but I doubt he’s heard of me, as we’ve never actually spoken. He seems to be doing well for himself these days, his blog is ranked 10,133 by Technorati, has a PR5 from Google, apparently gets 900-1,000 unique visitors per day and earns an average of $256 a day. His About page can tell you more, though he’s now earning a full time living online.

His blog is pretty interesting, whilst not focussing entirely on entrepreneurial topics, there is enough variation to keep things enjoyable. He has seven other websites from which he earns his money, from poker to cookery. His post about the Internet Poker Ban was fascinating.

He provides a great amount of detail on almost any of the subjects he writes about, his first press release for example. Showing his earnings is always motivating for others trying to earn income online and it’s interesting looking through the previous posts to see the progression. I loved this quote on the site: “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Thomas A. Edison.

I’ll be adding his entrepreneurial blog to my feed reader. If there was any criticism to be made, then it would be to make subscribing a little more obvious.

Why is he a friend of evil? Well, he knows John Chow, and everyone knows he is the root of all evil 😉

Comic Potential – Play Review


When is a actor not an actor? When it’s an actoid, that’s when. Alan Ayckbourn’s Comic Potential is set in the near future when actors in TV soaps are replaced by robots. When one robot starts becoming more human than robot, a young writer falls in love and tries to make her the star of his new show and ends up on the run to stop the actoid being sent back to the factory to have its memory wiped.

The Bridewell Theatre in London played host to the Stock Exchange Dramatic and Operatic Society’s (SEDOS) performance of the play on March 7, and what a performance it was.

The show was extremely enjoyable to say the least. I wasn’t sure what to expect but what I found was a polished, well acted, funny and all round good night out.

As in any play, it relies on it’s leads to carry the show. The actoid who comes to life, Jacie Triplethree, is played by Sarah Boyes and she gave a fantastic performance. The role involves a huge range of emotions, accents and physicality and she made it all look effortless. Having seen amateur dramatics before, I never expected such a great performance. It’d be interesting to see her in a totally different play to see if she’s just as convincing.

And the rest of the cast seem to shine in her reflected glow. The young writer Adam (Panagiotis Skrivanos) is relaxed and confortable in his part, Peter Bryans as the jaded director Chandler Tate gives the play some weight and in the first half some nice comic moments, and Tash Wilcox as the TV channel’s regional director makes a convincing ‘bad guy’.

While the focus is on this group of leads, much of the play’s enjoyment comes from the wider cast. Occassionally I’d look at two of the other ‘actoids’ called Mother and Father (played by Charlotte Price and Andrew MacPherson) who’s job is was to sit still by the side of the stage for ten minutes or so. I stared at them for about a minute before seeing one of them slowly blink – totally in character yet the focus of the play is elsewhere. It’s little touches like that that made the show a success. Also Andy Marchant’s many roles as Marmion, man in dress shop, young man, technician and Turkey the pimp had me smiling every time he appeared.

The only negative point I can think of is that it was a shame the theatre wasn’t full and it wasn’t enjoyed by more people. The staging and direction were also well handled and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

The play is on until Saturday 10 March, catch it if you can.