Fire in your pocket

I love, although it can hurt your wallet. It may be because you get that little bag of sweets with your order that I like them so much. Or when you do pay for delivery it arrives next day. I suppose four quid is a bit steep for something that would have gone just as quick with a first class stamp but I’ve suggested that so are confident they’re taking my adviceAnyway if you really want to burn a hole in your pocket, get this. Admittedly a Stormtrooper suit for the price of a used Clio may be a bit steep but imagine turning up at a party wearing that. Any party, doesn’t even have to be fancy dress. I wonder whether they still charge the £4 delivery on it?

There’s also a couple of other items I’d like to draw your attention too. The first being these. I’ve never see anything so crap in my life. Well I have but not in the last five minutes. Who is going to buy them? What, you’ve got one? I do apologise. I hope you chose the penguin.

I can’t decide whether this is genius, useless or cool: but with three rolls for a tenner I won’t be finding out.

I’m not affiliated or related (if that’s possible to a website) to Firebox in any way. I just like them and if they want to send me some free stuff to review then I’d be happy to. Or maybe just some of those chewy kisses.