Wood Watches Plant A Tree For Every One Sold

Not I’m a big fan of wooden things – not as much as an ex-girlfriend who want a wooden microwave when we moved in together – but as soon as I saw theses watched from WeWOOD I wanted one.

Originally from Florence, Italy, WeWOOD uses Miyota movements in its wooden watches which are “completely absent of artificial and toxic materials”.

And its partnered with American Forests to plant a tree for every watch it sells.

Each watch, available for men and women, costs $119. And I want one.


Spotted via: Springwise.


An Easy Way To Recycle Envelopes

Maybe I’ve been a bit slow on the update around this, but I’ve just discovered an easy way to recycle envelopes.

I’ve been sellotaping scrap pieces of paper onto old envelopes to send stuff but the so-called Envelope Angel makes it much easier.

All it is is a box of stickers to put on envelopes over the original address label. The box and the stickers are made from recycled materials so you don’t even have to feel bad about using pieces of paper to put on them. Sometimes simple ideas are the best hey?

The Envelope Angel is available from Nigel’s Eco Store for £4.99.

Envelope Angel

Eco-friendly iPad and iPhone Sleeves

cork iPad sleeve

When any new technology comes out, especially from Apple, there’s a rush by firms to get out accessories and add-ons. So it’s good to see some environmentally friendly versions come out.

Nigel’s Eco Store has a an iPad sleeve made from FSC-certified fabric-backed cork which looks great. It costs £17.99 and is available here.

There’s also an iPhone pouch in the range for £11.99 and for those non-Apple people amongst us, a laptop case for £22.00.

If you’re wondering about laptop sleeves, I recently reviewed one here.

Energy Saving Monitors Become Affordable

I’ve always been interesting in getting an energy saving monitor, well okay I’ve wanted a Wattson, but have always been put off by the price tag.

But now there are some more affordable versions, take a look a Nigel’s Eco Store for some examples but now some big players are getting onboard – check out Google’s PowerMeter.

Belkin Conserve Insight

And now you can get one under $30. Made by Belkin, the Conserve Insight can monitor the electricity usage of any device with a plug. It converts that figure into what it really costs each year in terms of watts, dollars and carbon dioxide. It’s also a good-looking little thing.

It’s available from Amazon.com for $29.99.

Which Is The Best Eco Deodorant?

We’ve reviewed a lot of eco deodorants on Life Goggles and the choice out there is growing every day? But which one should you choose?

Take a look at the options that we’re done detailed reviews of below and make your own mind up:

Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting All Natural Deodorant
Bionsen Deodorant
JASON Tea Tree Deodorant
Weleda Sage Deodorant
Green People Organic Homme Stay Cool Deodorant

Still not decided? Green community site Ooffoo has posted a great article by Maddy who’s tried a whole load of them herself.

Nigel’s Eco Store Buys Design Company EcoCentric

Bit of environmentally friendly shopping news for you. UK-based eco-friendly online shop, Nigel’s Eco Store, has acquired design company EcoCentric.

EcoCentric leans towards sustainable interior design, using recycled or reusable materials with as low a carbon footprint as possible and five-year-old Nigel’s Eco Store has added it to its portfolio.

Owner Nigel Berman said: “The future for products is green. Our aim has always been to help the consumer make environmentally sound choices. With two websites we can really help spread the message and become a one stop shop for eco homewares, interiors and gifts.

“Being sustainable runs up and down the entire supply chain . We want to be an inspiration to other businesses that sustainability works at all levels with no loss of profit.

“We will continue to grow. The future is very exciting.”

New David Mitchell Soapbox From Bulldog Grooming

Fantastic male grooming company Bulldog has releases season two of it’s equally fantastic David Mitchell’s Soapbox.

Comedian Mitchell is probably best know for the awesome Peep Show but I’m quite enjoying him in Would I Lie To You on BBC1 at the moment. Anyway Bulldog has again filmed him ranting about environmental subjects and er basically anything. If you go to the page there’s much enjoyment to be had, competitions to enter and even a coupon code to get 25% off Bulldog products.

While you’re waiting for the 3D episode to come, I advise working your way through the back catalogue, start with Trains, it’s a cracker.