Environmentally Conscious Flooring Choices

There is a current vibe around people who make a conscious choice to accommodate an eco-friendly green presence in their home lifestyle in that it is a time consuming and disruptive process that needs more attention than you have to give.

Much like many areas of successful change, it is achieved in small steps towards the bigger goal. To fully become 100% eco-friendly overnight is a monumental undertaking, so starting from the bottom and building piece by piece is the best way to begin that transformation. This means you can literally take the first steps with eco-friendly flooring choices such as Karndean click vinyl flooring, which is committed to using recyclable products where possible.

 Let’s take a look at why this product is the best place to start.

High in Craft

Being an attractive choice and recommendation from interior design specialists and a nation’s favourite for many years, Karndean click vinyl flooring has a proven track record of being manufactured with the environment in consideration.

In previous years vinyl flooring was not considered this friendly, with prior vinyl products containing PVC with highly toxic ingredients seeping into the surrounding environments whenever manufactured or destroyed. These ingredients would have a detrimental effect on human, animal and plant life prior to its change into green products.

With the focus towards more eco-clean flooring solutions, Karndean click vinyl flooring has taken further steps away from environmentally harmful production. Karndean is consistently measured for safety considerations and employs adhesives that have the lower impact on the environment as a whole.

Extra Steps for Friendliness

Being developed and manufactured in ISO certified factories, Karndean utilises phthalate compounds which soften as well as increase the performance of vinyl which provides a much longer lasting life.

As well as its reinforced durability, Karndean click vinyl flooring products rise to meet indoor quality standards for air and the adhesives used are solvent-free with low VOC emissions. Karndean manufacturers are so committed to the environment that their factories fully meet criteria of environmental and social practices, which means their factories manufacturing plants and distribution outlets fully ensure that all areas surrounding packaging, transport and capacity are first rate in providing environmentally friendly storage and distribution.

How Green is My Home

If you are considering products like Karndean click vinyl flooring for your home or work environments, you will want to know how the floor not only provides style and comfort but also helps in environmentally friendly ways.

Karndean’s tiles and planks are easy to dispose of and are 100% recyclable. When needing to replace a singular piece it can be cut up and disposed of without waste and replaced cheaply without disrupting large sections of the floor.

You won’t need to invest lots of money into specialist chemicals to clean the floor. Many people find that simple warm water, vinegar and a quick mop with regular household cleaning items helps to retain its look.

Karndean and Kardean Da Vinci have an impressive array of colours, textures and looks and is among the top brands for heavy commercial environments, which makes it a fine choice for an environmentally conscious home also.

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