Moving to London in 2021: Tips and tricks

So, you’ve decided to take a leap and move to one of the most cultural cities in England. London is a bustling place filled with friendly locals and incredible sights that make it the perfect place to live in 2021. As the capital of England, London has lots on offer which can make moving here quite the experience. Be sure to use an immigration lawyer as well to make sure everything goes smoothly. This article will give you the best tips and tricks for moving to London in 2021.

Consider sharing

If there is one thing that you need to know about London, it is that accommodation in this city is expensive! So, unless you have the cash to afford a London property yourself, it might be a good idea to find a housemate. You can easily split the price of a four-bedroom London property with friends and have the pleasures of London living without the extortionate price! Sharing accommodation with others also means that you will have friendly faces to explore this beautiful city with.

Get extra storage

If you do decide to share accommodation, you will probably find yourself a bit short on storage space. London homes are pretty but they can be small! The answer to this is to use the available London storage options that are dotted around the capital. Companies around the city will offer different types of storage depending on your needs:

  • Student storage: Student storage is great for storing extra belongings that you don’t want to leave at home. This is a small option but is ideal for any unwanted suitcases or boxes.
  • Personal storage: This type of storage can be used for anything from furniture to old books.
  • Business storage: Business storage will offer you a secure place to keep stock, tools or any other items that won’t fit into your London home.

Leave your car behind

One way to avoid wasting money whilst living in London is to leave your car behind. The city can get incredibly busy – with traffic sometimes moving at just 10mph! This makes using a car practically pointless. The best way to travel around London is by cycling. Borris Bikes are available to hire on a pay-as-you-go basis, making this a convenient way to get to and from your activities.

Get a pass

Once you have moved to London, you should purchase a Travelcard that will cut the cost of public transport and give you access to the whole city. These passes are a great way to save on travel and utilise the city’s great public transport system. You can purchase passes weekly, monthly or annually. The passes may seem expensive when you initially purchase them, but they will save you lots in the long run! The best part is that these passes allow you to go anywhere in the city.

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