Walking Sharks

Seriously: http://tinyurl.com/or8jp

Okay it wasn’t as exciting as it promised. I thought they’d be walking along the beach smoking cigars or something.

Walking Shark

They’re (as opposed to me) finding new areas of the earth that show how rich the diversity of life here is. I find it amazing there are still unexplored places on the planet. I kind of think scientists and documentary makers should leave certain areas alone for a couple of hundred years and then go back and see what they’re like. If they let anyone one else in we’ll only ruin it.

Planet Earth starts again soon (well autumn as the BBC vaguely puts it), in the meantime you can enjoy their website – who doesn’t want a polar bear as their wallpaper eh?


Buy your friends a drink online

Most of us like to have the occasional drink. Some of us would even say we drink too much. Indeed with the government’s strict definition of binge drinking being 5 units in one go, it is easy to fall into this category. With a large glass of red wine containing 2 units, and a pint of lager 3 units I’ve been binge drinking a little too much recently. But how does that affect me? This hilarously excellent diagram shows what parts of the body alcohol may have suffered as a consequence of my two beers:
Alcohol Body
Source: BBC Three Counties

It might just be me, but there aren’t that many parts of the body it doesn’t seem to affect. In fact it might have been easier to do a diagram of those parts. My favourite (if that’s possible) is the “face”. No part of it in particular, just the entire face.

So in the spirit (pun intended) of these sobering (they just keep on coming) warnings, please buy me a drink. Well not me personally (I wouldn’t say no though), but people in the UK can now buy anyone a drink online, get a code delivered to their mobile and make them happy (albeit temporarily, as alcohol is a depressant).

Choose a drink from the selection
Enter their mobile number, your message, then pay. It’s that simple.
Your voucher is sent via SMS and your friend or colleague simply shows their mobile phone at the bar.

Only available in Corney & Barrow pubs and at £3.25+ for a bottle of beer or £6.75+ for a glass of wine, it might not be the cheapest drink you’ve ever bought, but it might be the most impressive!

Slow and steady wins the race

I was looking at the site I glanced at the Google ads and saw this.

Speed advert

Granted it’s not new, but the products supposedly are.

Google ads are a decent source of revenue I’m told, I’m not the technical (or indeed financial) blogger on this site, but I thought this was particularly amusing when I clicked through to it.

The theory is you either spray some stuff onto your car number plate, or stick a film onto it depending on the product, and when a speed camera flashes you it creates a reflection which means your number plate can’t be read.

Although they have a different product called the Super Duper Shield (or something similar) which is a clear film which you stick onto your number plate. But won’t people (ie the police) see a bit of plastic stuck to your car? No, because it “looks just like a regular clear cover you buy at auto stores”. What? I’ve been to many car stores (granted, only in this country) and they don’t seem to sell plastic covers for your number plate. Maybe American shops are full of them. So plastic on your number plate is the first problem I can see.

The second fault with this one is that it blocks all cameras – with or without flash. Sounds good: “it cunningly blurs your plate numbers when viewed from the cameras vantage” but there’s “no distortion when looked at from directly behind”. How often are you directly behind a car? Okay, when you’re driving a car it is in front of your but not when you turn a corner. If a policeman’s following you and there’s a roundabout ahead you’re screwed. I suppose it works with cameras but all someone has to do is look at your car and notice it.

Here’s the best idea. Stick to the speed limit. Or at least slow down by the speed cameras

Short and sweet – Cool key rings

Atari keyrings

They look cool, act as a keyring, and come with a six foot RCA cable. Which means, yes, they’re playable!

Officially licensed Atari Plug N’ Play gaming units, these keyrings cost $15.

The paddle controller features the original Pong, Breakout, and Warlords. Two versions of the joystick controller feature the best games from the original Atari 2600, including Asteroids, Centipede, Milipede and Missile Command.

Get them here. Just add batteries.

Spair a seat?

I love things like this. New, inventive ways of viewing everyday objects. This is the Spair from &made who are in a new exhibition at the London Design Museum.
The Spair
The museum is fantastic. It’s pretty small but has fantastic exhibitions and even a Conran owned café based alongside the Thames.

Between 20 September and 7 January the museum is holding the Design Mart exhibition featuring new design stars. Among the highlights promised are Philip Worthington’s Shadow Monsters and Tim Simpson will unveil his Natural Deselection project that plays on notions of Darwinian selection in the plant world.

When I’ve been I’ll let you know how it was. Or if you go why don’t you let me know here. And if anyone wants to buy me a wardrobe, this is what I want. More on Thomas Heatherwick in another post.

Song of the Day – Foo Fighters

Best of You – Foo Fighters. It was the first single off the fifth album from the Foo Fighters, In Your Honor.

Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters is a rock group formed by musician Dave Grohl in 1995. The group is named after the World War II term “foo fighter”, used to refer to mysterious aerial phenomena.

The Foo Fighters have earned a strong worldwide following, and have scored a number of hit songs, including “This Is a Call”, “Everlong”, “Learn to Fly”, “All My Life”, “Times Like These”, “Best of You”, and “DOA”. On top of their five studio albums, they have also contributed to several movie soundtracks, including the song “The One” on the 2002 Orange County soundtrack.

Source: Wikipedia

What’s in a name?

There’s been a lot written about choosing names for blogs and websites. The guys at problogger have this.

But I thought I’d share with you how we came up with Life Goggles. I say ‘we’ as although I came up with the final name, it wasn’t easy and many names were banded about. I wish I could say it came to me in a flash of inspiration and epiphany, but it didn’t. It came from writing a lot of random words down and finding some good ones that meant something.

But Life Goggles is perfect. I suppose Life Spectacles or Life Glasses may have said the same thing, but ‘goggles’ epitomises the quirky way the writers look at the world. So that’s that, job done.

Well nearly. I wanted a tagline as well. Like at www.ipoints.co.uk ‘where online shopping adds up’ or www.doughdough.com ‘Edible gifts by doughdough’ Smiles by you’. Hang on, not that cheesy.

Currently we have ‘Dedicated to finding things that will change your life…’ and that’s true, we are. Although I haven’t posted anything yet on the subject, I will soon. However I wanted the tagline something like ‘Viewing life through futurespective lenses’. But it was pointed out to me that no-one will know what that means, so I thought I’d explain it now and hopefully the time will come when the tagline is embraced.

So I’m coining the phrase ‘futurespective’. It’s simple, instead of looking back, we look forward. Everything we do is tinted with ‘what’s new’ or ‘what will that mean for the future’. That’s not to say we’re not happy with the world at the moment. Actually that’s a bit of a lie, we’re not at all, but it’s better to look forward to better things.

So here’s to futurespective. Embrace it. We have.