Cannabia Organic Lager Review From Organic Beer Blog

A video review of Cannabia Organic Lager. Avaiable at various places online for around £2.00 per bottle.


Samuel Smith’s Organic Lager Eco Product Review

Samuel Smith’s range of drinks are brewed in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire since 1758, and there are Sam Smith’s pubs across England offering beer, ale, lager, cider and spirits all under its own brand.

Sam Smith's Organic Lager

And it has also branched out to selling its wares in selected shops. I’ve reviewed its organic cider before but this is actually the first time I’ve ever had the brewery’s larger – if I’m not going for the cider I’m having a Sovereign Best Bitter.

Brewed using lightly-kilned lager malt from UK barley and organic hops, it has a slightly ‘hoppier’ taste that a lot of lagers and gives a nice head when poured. It’s still quite crisp despited being full bodied and very refreshing.

After drinking cheap and popular lager when the need arises (if I’m particularly thirsty or the bitter selection is poor), this reminds me that there are good lagers out there that are worth drinking. I don’t think anyone drinking this could be disappointed, I certainly wasn’t.

Samuel Smith’s Organic Lager is available from good alcoholic retailers like BevMo! in the US (costing around $3.50) and supermarkets and even department stores such as House of Fraser in the UK (around £3). Or head to the pub, you can find a list of Sam Smith’s pubs here.

Aspall Classic Organic Suffolk Cyder Eco Product Review

As I’ve mentioned before I like a drop of cider in the summer and try to have organic as much as I can. When I spotted theis ‘cyder’ on the shelf in the supermarket Waitrose I thought even though it’s winter I’d give it a go.

Aspall Classic Organic Suffolk Cyder is made from feshly pressed English apple juice and has been winning awards since 1728 supposedly. Maybe that’s the brewery, this cider did win something at the 1921 Daily Mail Imperial Fruit Show though – so has been around a while.

Aspall Organic Cyder

At 7% abv its quite strong and from the first sip it tastes like it, but subsequent drinks mean the flavour comes through more. As one would expect it’s very apple tasting and not as gassy as some other ciders which makes it very easy drinking.

Even though it’s winter I still drank it over ice but it doesn’t affect the flavour that much, it still comes through quite strongly.

At a very reasonable £1.87 for a 500ml bottle, Aspall Classic Organic Suffolk Cyder is available from supermarrkets including Waitrose.

Sam Smith’s Organic Cider Eco Product Review

I’ll mention this straight away, I love this cider as if it were part of my family. I just can’t get enough of it, although for health reasons and the fact I have to go to work I do limit my intake of it.

Cider is becoming more and more popular, poured over ice it’s a trendy summer drink, which, truth be told, is how I got into drinking cider. But after drinking this it’s hard to go back to the trendy, mass-produced brands.

Brewed by Samuel Smith’s brewery in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire since 1758, there are Sam Smith’s pubs across England offering beer, ale, lager, cider and spirits all under its own brand. I love going the local one to me, not only because it’s a nice pub but the beer is cheap! And the cider is fantastic, but not that cheap.

Made from organically grown apples, the organic cider is certified by the Soil Association and is suitable for vegans. It’s refreshing, light in colour and taste with a sharp apple flavour. If you like Bulmers or Magners over ice you’ll love this.

The bottle is also quite cool, called a ‘Victorian pint bottle’ with simple old-style label. What makes me laugh is the serving suggestions on the back. It says: “Cream soups; salad with vinaigrette dressing; a classic companion to pork dishes; wonderful to clean the palate after spicy food yet subtle enough to pair with delicate flavours”. So basically with everything then!

And I would drink it with anything to be honest. A 550ml bottle costs around £3.00 from a Samuel Smith pubs.

Environmentally Friendly Wine Bottles Are Aluminium

I’ve been writing about beer a lot recently so time for wine to take a turn. Volute has produced bottles for its wine made from aluminium.

The Californian-based company used wines from Bordeaux and puts them in its unique bottles. Aluminium can be recycled almost indefinitely (and these are already made from recycled material) and it’s also more protective from UV rays than glass. These bottles are also lighter to carry, not just because of the material they’re made from but they’re also only 187ml in size.

This portability means they’re pitched as being ideal for camping or places like beaches or concerts where glass isn’t allowed. Available in three varieties: Red, White and Rosé, Volute’s bottle might just catch on.


Story spotted on: Springwise.