Turning Blue To Green

I’m pretty sure that most people own a pair (or indeed several pairs) of blue jeans. They’re a staple of the modern day wardrobe, and can be dressed up or dressed down for pretty much any occasion. The thing about jeans is you can get quite sentimental about them. Apart from the fact that they seem to get more comfortable the more you wear them, you’re likely to have had all sorts of adventures and experiences in a particular pair of favorite jeans, so parting with them can be difficult.

However, (and I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you), the chances are that you’ve got some jeans, languishing at the back of your closet, that really are ready to be passed on. Perhaps they have a little tear in the seam, a missing pocket, or a rip at the knee – or perhaps they’ve turned from navy colored denim to that ’80’s stonewashed look, following one too many washes? (Although I hear the stonewashed look is making a come-back – I never can keep up with the latest fashion trends…)

In some cases, your old jeans may be good enough to pass on to a non-profit or charity re-sale shop, allowing somebody else to take them on new adventures. But if your jeans are really on their last legs (excuse the pun), there’s still a chance they can be put to good use.

Jean Insulation

Our jeans have probably kept us warm during wintry weather. Green Jeans Insulation works on exactly the same premise – that denim jeans have qualities which help to keep the heat in! Their ‘Ultratouch’ Denim Insulation products contains at least 90% post-consumer natural fibers – mostly old jeans donated to their company – helping them to produce a high quality, thermal product from sustainable materials to insulate homes and offices.

The Cotton, from blue to green campaign supports Green Jeans Insulation by calling for donations of old jeans from across the country. To date, the campaign has attracted almost 300,000 pieces of denim clothing, enabling the company in turn to manufacture over 500sq ft of Ultratouch Insulation. The campaign organizers have then worked with communities in need to provide free insulation in over 500 homes, helping to drive down energy costs and ensure that homes are using their energy more efficiently.

Teens for jeans

Another innovative US-based youth charity – www.dosomething.org has also been championing jeans recycling amongst teenagers. Their proposition is simple: donate your gently worn jeans to your nearest Aeropostale store, and Do Something will arrange to have them passed on to a homeless shelter or charity. In return, all Teens for Jeans donors get 25% off their next pair of Aero jeans, so everyone’s a winner!

From jeans to flip-flops

In the UK, www.recycleyourjeans.com invites you to send them your old jeans, and in return, they’ll send you back a pair of customized sandals. The design includes a special heel-to-toe technology which supports posture, relieves lower back pain and ensures the right muscles are doing all the work.

Hopefully you’re feeling a little more inspired about the many ways your jeans could live a useful second life. So, what are you waiting for? Start clearing out that closet!


Organic And Ethical Lingerie

Organic and ethical retailer By Nature has started selling a range of lingerie by Enamore. The clothes are made from fabrics such as organic cotton, bamboo, hemp and natural silk.

Enamore’s clothes are produced within the UK and also donates old fabrics to schools and community groups. The range seems to be a mixture of the modern and the retro. Check out the Bunny Camisole (below left) made from 57% soybean, 37% organic cotton and 6% Spandex which costs £60, or the Bedrock Bamboo Camisole (below right) which as the names suggests, is made from bamboo and costs £62.

Enamore camisoles

Red Robot Organic T-Shirt Eco Product Review

Organic t-shirts and clothing is becoming more and more popular but there is still the challenge of quality and style. I’d not heard of Red Robot before it contacted Life Goggles but the online store sent me a t-shirt speedily and I was eager to give it a try.

And I wasn’t disappointed. Red Robot played it safe and went for a medium but it fits perfectly. Packaged nicely in a paper bag that can easily be reused and recycled, I received a bright yellow shirt with a nice pattern of a wind farm and what I think is a rainbow, but in white. It’s called Mono Turbine and the colour is actually ‘Aspen Gold’. The print is quite thin which means the t-shirt remains flexible; I hate a big, stiff, plasticy print on the front.

Red Robot

The shirt itself is extremely soft and actually quite thick which means it’s warm as well, I think ‘jersey’ is the right name for it. There’s a neat little Red Robot tag on the seam on the left side (not on the right as in the picture) and one at the back of the neck with the little robot character on. Also the Red Robot writing is embroidered into the left sleeve in the same colour as the t-shirt.

Made in Turkey from organic cotton (certified by Skal International), Red Robot’s t-shirts cost around £17.99 and it also sells men’s hoodies and t-shirts and hoodies for women too. The current range is made up of limited editions so take a look.

nvohk Becomes First Community-managed Eco-clothing Brand

nvohk is a company I’ve talked about many times and I’ve promised to keep you all updated on my progress as a “co-founder”.

They’ve hit their launch target of at least 400 sign-ups and now have members from over 20 countries (with 50% coming from outside the U.S). Next the member packet (including a co-founder t-shirt and member sticker) will ship out by the end of August/early September. You can see my video of my sneak preview of the t-shirt here.

They they will present nvohk’s logo design options the week of August 18th for the first member vote. Around 10 member/co-founder submitted designs plus 10 designs from nvohk’s Creative Director will be up for voting.

nvohk logo

As soon as a logo is selected, members/co-founders will be able to submit their own t-shirt designs. We will collectively select 3-4 t-shirt designs, which will then be produced and offered in both men’s and women’s styles.

Going forward, the plan is to repeat the t-shirt process for 1-2 new t-shirt designs per month starting about 45-60 days after the initial t-shirt designs are offered for sale. All t-shirt designs will be available via www.nvohk.com and members/co-founders will receive 25% off the online retail pricing.

You can read more about how nvohk works, and sign up for $50.

I’ll update you again when the member pack arrives.

nvohk Co-Founder T-Shirt Arrives

Nvohk, the “crowd-funded” eco clothing company that we’ve written about a couple of times send each of the co-founders a t-shirt. As part of my pledge to keep you up to date with how it’s going, a little ahead of the general mailing of t-shirts, I was lucky enough to be sent one as a preview. So I took a quick (28 seconds) video of it to show you what it’s like. I really like the tree logo and it’s made of 100% organic cotton.

If you can’t see the video below, please click here.