Follow What’s Going On In Copenhagen And Save Money With Method

Cleaning brand and all-round good eggs (it’s an English phrase) method, has a nifty little site that will keep you up-to-date with what’s happening at the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen this month. Click here to get to co-founder’s Adam Lowry’s blog.

And being the nice company it is, if you sign the petition through a link on this page, and give them the details of what you posted, you’ll get a money off voucher. Lovely eh?

method copenhagen

Love Letters to the Future

Love Letters to the Future is designed to raise awareness about climate change. They are putting out a call for people to create messages for the future and upload them to

A time capsule is being built to preserve the 100 most popular messages voted on by the public at the loveletters’ site. It will be sealed at a live event in Copenhagen, to be re-opened in 100 years.

Their goal is to collect a critical mass of love letters and present them to the world during the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen on December 13, 2009. Check out the quick video below for more info: