eBay Turns Green With Instant Sale

Well maybe not green as such, but eBay has promoted its new Instant Sale service as being green.

Selling your old gadgets has always been a good way of being green and the Instant Sale service is really just the same old eBay but easier.

eBay acts as the middle man, taking an active role. Finding you a buying, giving you free shipping labels, taking your gadget and wiping all of your personal data before sending it on to the buyer.

And if it doesn’t sell? eBay will recycle it for you – so green all round then.

Only available in the US for now, you can find out more here.


Where To Recycle Electronics

It’s often difficult to know what to do with electronics, and some places charge for recycling electronics (I’m looking at you my local EDCO for desktop computers). So to help in trying to find places that recycle electronics for free, Consumer Reports has published a great article.

Recycling electronics

Conveniently called “Where to recycle electronics, free” the article includes some compelling reasons to recycle (e.g., The cathode-ray tube in old-style TVs and computer monitors contains 4 to 8 pounds of lead, a neurotoxin), as well as a list of companies that help you recycle (via drop off centers, mail in programs, etc) AND links to public programs.

Take a look here.

Don’t Bin It, Recycle It

A recent animated video from Recycle Now has been released, highlighting the need to recycle small electronic devices. The aim of the film is to remind people not just to bin their waste electrical goods and tell them about where and how they can dispose of it responsibly http://dontbinitbringit.org (UK based).

The campaign is also being supported by the interactive ‘Regeneration Game‘ (based on the Generation Game) in which users put in their UK postcode before playing and then the game cleverly features details of their nearest recycling facilities.