Where To Recycle Electronics

It’s often difficult to know what to do with electronics, and some places charge for recycling electronics (I’m looking at you my local EDCO for desktop computers). So to help in trying to find places that recycle electronics for free, Consumer Reports has published a great article.

Recycling electronics

Conveniently called “Where to recycle electronics, free” the article includes some compelling reasons to recycle (e.g., The cathode-ray tube in old-style TVs and computer monitors contains 4 to 8 pounds of lead, a neurotoxin), as well as a list of companies that help you recycle (via drop off centers, mail in programs, etc) AND links to public programs.

Take a look here.


Read Green Initiative Offers 1 Year Free Subscription To Magazines

Reading a magazine always gives me with a little twinge of guilt. Although I’ll recycle it, it’s still using up paper and if I can read something online instead, I will. And I’m sure I’m not the only one so it’s likely that the Read Green Initiative will be a success.

It offers anyone the chance to get a magazine (and books or other publications) to read online for free. Produced in something called ‘Zinio’s media-rich digital format’ you can buy other magazines etc and a portion of the proceeds from the sales will be used to purchase eco unit credits, to buy more trees.

Read Green

Zinio is the world’s largest publisher and distributor of digital magazines but unfortunately magazines like Elle or Men’s Health (as shown on the example on the site) are only available to buy, not for free. However there are lots that you can get gratis and you only need an email address and password to sign up, no credit card details are taken. The magazines are:

417, 4 Wheel and Off Road, 5.0 Mustang and Super Fords, African Vibes, American Cowboy, American Craft, American Photo, Arizona Highways, Art Voices, Atlanta Peach, Auto Build, Automobile Magazine, Backpacker, Backpacking Light, Beer Magazine, Best Life, Bicycling, Bike, Black Enterprise, Blackbelt, BlackBook, BlackMen, Boating, Boating Life, Boatworks, Boston Common, Business & Commercial Aviation, Business Jet Traveler, Capitol File, Car Craft, Caribbean Travel & Life, Chevy High Performance, CoinAge, Computer Shopper, Cruising World, Cucina Saludable, Dialogue, Diesel Power, Digital Photographer, Dirt Rider, Dirt Wheels, Dressage Today, Ebony, Edible Manhattan, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Elevator World, Elgourmet.com Mexico, Equus, European Car, Eurotuner, Field & Stream , Fitness RX, Fitness RX for Women, Florida Travel & Life, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters, Flying , Foreign Policy, Four Wheeler, Garden Design, Golf Fitness Magazine, Good Life Connoisseur, Gotham, GreenSource, Gulf Atlantic Florida Fishing (GAFF), Hawaii Magazine, Home Theater, Hope Today, Horse and Rider, Hot Bike, Hot Rod, Hype Hair, Import Tuner, In Business Las Vegas, Interior, iPhone Life, Islands, Jet, JP Magazine, Kiplinger’s, Kiteboarding, LA Confidential, Las Vegas Home & Design, Las Vegas Magazine, Las Vegas Weekly, Layers Magazine, Lowrider, Maclean’s, Malibu Arts Journal, Marlin, Michigan Avenue, Mini Truckin, MIT’s Technology Review, Modified Luxury & Exotics, Mopar Muscle, Motocross Action, Motor Boating, Motor Trend, Motorcyclist, Mountain Bike Action, Muscle Mustang and Fast Fords, Muscular Development, Natural Solutions, Northern Cottage, Ocean Drive, Ocean Drive Espanol, Ode, Off-Road, Open Magazine, Opportunity Journal, Organic Gardening, Out, Outdoor Life, Outside, Outside’s Go, Palm Springs Life, Parenting, PC Magazine, Penthouse, Performance Audio & Sound, Philadelphia Style, Playboy Mexico, Politics, Popular Science, Powder, Power and Motoryacht, Power Cruising, Practical Horseman, Prevention, Rap Fanatic, RC Car, RC Heli, Reader’s Digest, Road Bike Action, Rock & Gem, Runner’s World, Running Times, Sail, Sailing World, Salt Water Sportsman, Salud Vital, Saveur, Shutterbug, Ski magazine, Skiing, Slam, Snow Magazine, Snowboarder, Soap Opera Digest, Soap Opera Weekly, Solo Relojes, Spa magazine, Sport Compact Car, Sport Fishing, SSX, Stereophile, Super Street, Super Street Bike, Surfer, Surfing, Tea A Magazine, Texas Highways, The Advocate, The Hockey News, The Network Journal, Traverse, Truck Trend, Truckin, TW Motorcross, TW Quad Off Road, TW Ride BMX, TW Skateboarding, TW Snowboarding, TW Surf, US News & World Report, Vegas Golfer, Vegas magazine, Vegas2Go, Vegetarian Times, Videomaker, Viv, Wakeboarding, Water Ski, What is Enlightenment, What’s Up Annapolis, What’s Up Eastern Shore, What’s Up Weddings, Whichita, Wild on the Fly, Windsurfing, Woodworker’s Journal, Xtreme RC Cars, Yachting, Yoga Journal, Youth Runner.

The Great Green Giveaway Competition – Win $3,819 / £1,909 Worth Of Prizes!

This competition is now closed, sorry! Please check here for other great green competitions.

The ultimate green competition is here! The biggest eco competition seen on the web yet (well, probably) has officially launched. Below you can see the huge list of prizes that you could win one (or more) of. Please read the entry details (there are FIVE ways to enter), and you can also read FAQs and the rules.
Currently there are 86 prizes with a total value of: $3,819 / £1,909. and counting*. If you wish to contribute a prize, please let us know. The competition’s running throughout the whole of April so there’s plenty of time to enter and there will be more prizes added so keep checking back.


1 x Eco office hamper from Nigel’s Eco Store worth $47/£23.50 UK (UK only)
Nigels Eco Store Eco office hamper which includes a water powered calculator, eco stapler, recycled mouse mat, recycled A5 notepad and recycled ballpens. If you’re looking for environmentally friendly products and eco friendly gifts you’ll love Nigel’s Eco Stores practical, functional, and desirable range, chosen from the best recycled, organic, green and eco friendly products around.

1 x Freeloader Solar Charger from Ecotopia worth $60/£30 UK (UK only)
Ecotopia.co.uk Win a Freeloader Solar Charger from Ecotopia. Ecotopia supplies a great range of eco friendly, ethical, sustainable and natural products from Ecover, Ecoballs and Eco Kettles to hedgehog houses and recycled glassware.

Green Products

1 x Bulldog Grooming Products and sports bag worth $200/£100 UK (UK only)
Bulldog Grooming Products Bulldog sports bag packed with complete set of Bulldog products, branded rugby ball & t-shirt, poker gift set, and cuff links gift set. Bulldog make amazing natural grooming products for men. They never contain Parabens, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, artificial colours or synthetic fragrances. Bulldogs range is built specifically for men, and is not a spin-off from a feminine range, and the packaging is designed specifically to look cool on the bathroom shelf!

1 x Stubby Pencil Studio Green stationery basket worth $62/£31 International (International)
Stubby Pencil Studio Green to the Letter, from Stubby Pencil Studio, offers eco friendly stationery products for young children, unique and earth friendly art supplies, as well as gifts made from responsibly managed forests and non-toxic materials. Their stationery basket includes: 4 packs of Color ‘n Kids cards (winner’s choice of styles); Set of 10 Smencil pencils; Set of 10 Colored Smencil Pencils (will be reviewed soon) and; Box of 64 Soy Crayons.

1 x steel water bottle from Klean Kanteen worth $17.45/£8.75 International (International)
Klean Kanteen A 27oz w/poly loop cap steel water bottle from Klean Kanteen. Klean Kanteens are made from #304 stainless steel, the material of choice in the food processing, dairy, and brewery industries. Stainless steel is easy to clean, durable, inert, sanitary, toxin-free, and non-leaching.

1 x Organic Shave grooming products gift set from Male Organics worth $50/£25 UK (UK only)
Male OrganicsThe gift set includes Pre Shave Face Wash, Shave Now Shaving Gel and Cool Down Moisturiser. Male Organics is the UK’s one-stop shop for organic and natural men’s grooming products. Helping you live in a more chemical free, sustainable and eco-friendly way. With dedicated men’s grooming product ranges and carbon offset delivery!

1 x “Right to Education” soccer ball from Fair Trade Sports worth $30/£15 USA (US only)
Right to Education Fairtrade Soccer Ball The ball is worth more than the monetary value though. Eco-certified and certified Fair Trade. Union-made and vegan. Fair Trade means the adult workers who produced this ball received a fair wage – at no extra cost to you! Fair Trade Sports donate 100% of after tax profits to children’s charities. We’ll be reviewing one of these balls soon.

1 x Monave New York Gift Set mineral makeup worth $100/£50 USA (US only)
Monave New York Gift Set Monave stands for “Modern”, “Natural”, and “Versatile” and offer a clean, healthy line of mineral makeup that doesn’t have the ingredients that make your skin break out. The New York Gift Set includes Loose Mineral Foundation, Blush or Bronzer, three stackable Versatile Powders, Eye liner, Lip Glaze, a Flat Top Foundation Brush, Mini Bronzer Brush and a Firm Shadow Brush. We have a review coming soon.

1 x Green People Mum & Baby Gift box worth $52/£27 UK (UK only)
Green People Mum and Baby Gift boxThis Green People kit contains Soothe & Calm Baby Balm 40ml, Mum & Baby Moisturiser 150ml, Chamomile Baby Wash 150ml and Baby Salve 30ml. A lovely gift for Mum’s and the perfect starter kit of Organic Goodies for pure, beautiful skin. Plus a lovely product for mum and baby to share, the delicious lavender lotion is perfect for a bonding baby massage or for keeping mum’s bump supple and soft. Free from Parabens, Lanolin, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Petrochemicals, artificial perfumes, irritating emulsifiers and phthalates.

1 x Mother Earth’s Raindrops & Roses Body Soak from Ethical Babe worth $16/£8 UK (UK only)
Ethical BabeMother Earth’s Body Soak is packed full of pure herbs and essential oils that will help calm, moisturise and soothe the body after a long hard day. It can also be used to soothe baby by scooping the warm bath water over baby’s back, neck and shoulders. Ethical Babe provides organic, eco-friendly and Fair Trade products for children, parents and home.

1 x Deluxe Green-kit Tote Basket worth $85/£43 USA (US only)
Green-Kit This deluxe green gift basket contains all of Green-kit’s best green products in a handy reusable tote box. Trust us, this Green-kit will not soon be forgotten. It contains: Orange Plus All-Purpose Spray; Lemon & Aloe Dishwashing Liquid; Paper Towels; 100% Cotton Bathroom Tissue; Natural Spa Liquid Soap; Tall Biodegradable Kitchen Bags; Dishwasher Tablets; Laundry Wash; Facial Tissues; Toilet Cleaner; BioKleen Glass Cleaner; Shower Cleaner; Citra-Wood Natural Furniture Polish and; Ecover Floor Soap presented in recycled kraft krinkle shred and, natural raffia. Phew!

1 x LetsGoGreen gift certificate worth $25/£12.50 USA (US only)
Lets Go GreenLetsGoGreen believe their products can make a positive difference one home at a time. They’re environmentally friendly, competitively priced, and selected specifically for use in every room in the house. They’re also offering an incredible 25% FRIEND discount on their website.

1 x GreenTomato kit worth $20/£10 UK (UK only)
Green Tomato KitThe GreenTomato kit is a starter kit for the home. It contains carefully selected energy, water and waste saving products that help you make simple changes around your home that will reduce your impact on the environment. For example, a single energy saving lightbulb can save you £9 per year.

5 x Radius Toothbrush sets worth in total $250/£125 (each worth $50/£25) USA (US only)
Radius ToothbrushesEach set contains three Source Toothbrushes, three Travel Cases and three flosses. Radius aim to make the toothbrush comfortable, enjoyable and effective. With a mass of very soft bristles, a large head area for low pressure brushing and a comfortable handle, their toothbrushes let you brush lightly and accurately. You can read about Radius’ environmental stance here.


10 x five book packages from HarperCollins worth in total $800/£400 (each package worth $80/£40) USA (US only)
Harper Collins HarperCollins are offering ten US winners each a five book package worth $80 that includes: Animal, Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver – about the author’s adventure with her family as they move to a farm in southern Appalachia and realign their lives with the local food chain, vowing to only eat food from their neighborhood or that they grow themselves; The Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey – the classic, irreverent novel that sparked the modern movement of environmental activism; Thanking the Monkey by Karen Dawn – a hip primer about everything you wanted to know about animal rights (but were afraid to get into a fight about.); The Known World by Edward P. Jones – the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about Henry Townsend, a former slave who finds himself in the unusual position of being a slave-owner; and Night Fire by Ronnie Greene – big oil, poison air, and Margie Richard’s fight to save her town.

11 x copies of Big Green Purse book from Penguin worth in total $198/£99 (each worth $18/£9) USA (US only)
Big Green Purse Big Green Purse – Use Your Spending Power To Create A Cleaner, Greener World by Diane MacEachern. Read our review here: “This is one of the most informative and life changing books I’ve ever read. It beats those ’self-help’ books hands down as this actually contains practical information that you can use and apply for the rest of your life.”

5 x copies of Green Chic worth in total $65/£32.50(each worth $13/£6.50) International (International)
Green Chic Green Chic – Saving The Earth in Style by Christie Matheson (from Source Books) is for people who want to go green without giving up on great style. Being thoughfully, consciously green makes a real difference in the fight against global warming. But did you know it’s also hip, classic and stylish? It’s a great quick read, and we have a review coming soon.

5 x great books from Green Books worth in total $130/£65 UK (UK only)
Green Books Green Books are an independent UK publishing company, producing books on a wide range of environmental and cultural issues. You can win one copy of one of these great books: Using Natural Finishes, Salad Leaves for All Seasons, Organic Places To Stay, How to Store Your Garden Produce and Gaia’s Kitchen.

Green Clothing and Accessories

1 x tarp hat from Real Deal Brazil worth $30/£15 USA (US only)
Real Deal Brazil Tarp Hat The Real Deal is a tarp hat made in Brazil and crafted from recycled tarps of Brazilian cargo trucks in an attempt to cut down on the wasting of resources. Most likely the fabric in The Real Deal traveled from the Amazon to Sao Paulo and back again. So don’t take care of this hat, it will take care of you. Read our review here!

1 x Betty bag and 1 x Poppy Purse from adila (just & fair) worth $64/£32 International (International)
Adila (just & fair)adila (just & fair) is a UK based fair-trade, eco friendly website. They combine ethical production with innovative and exciting design, and also use discarded materials to create unique, well designed products. You can win one of their Betty bags or Poppy Purses.

1 x shundar silk scarf from Ganesha worth $40/£20 UK (UK only)
GaneshaThese scarves are handmade with vintage sari silk, these fabulous double-sided scarves have a running (kantha) stitch design all over, are edged with a blanket stitch. Made by Calcutta Rescue – a pavement clinic providing free medical care to anybody in need, these scarves have been made by ex-patients.

1 x gift certificate from Simple Shoes worth $50/£25 USA (US only)
Simple ShoesSimple Shoes make shoes from 100% sustainable sources, such as old PET plastic bottles, bamboo, organic cotton, recycled car tires, crepe, jute, cork and use water based glue. They have published their factory charter and also have a cool blog.

2 x sets of five ChicoBags worth in total $40/£20 (each set worth $20/£10) USA (US only)
Chicobag Reusable shopping bags that are designed to be unforgettable! Fits in a pocket or purse with a carabineer for your belt loop, back pack or key chain. For more information read our review here after April 14th.

3 x Flip and Tumble Reusable Bags worth in total $36/£18 (each worth $12/£6) International (International)
Flip and Tumble Reusable Bag A bag that easily packs into itself, the 24-7 bag has been designed to be with you all the time. Really, all the time. That’s why the bag has a casual go anywhere, do anything style. Use the stretch pouch like a traditional stuffsack, which makes compacting the bag a cinch. Read and watch our review here.

1 x Hemp Travel Bag from Satvia Bags worth $34/£17 International (International)
Sativa BagsSativa proudly support hemps eco-friendly cultivation and use in a range of affordable and beautifully designed bags. Our design ethic aims at a harmonious marriage of function and style. Above all, Sativa are passionate about their product and would like to share that passion with you.

1 x gift voucher from autonomie project worth $60/£30 International (International)
autonomie projectAutonomie project is a new Fair Trade fashion company offering stylish sweatshop-free & eco-friendly footwear, clothing and accessories. They work exclusively with small, independent cooperatives and Fair Trade certified facilities located in developing areas of the world. They use organic cotton, all natural FSC rubber, and other eco-friendly materials whenever possible to lessen their environmental impact.

2 x 20oz SIGG reusable aluminum water bottles worth in total $40/£20 (each worth $20/£10) USA (US only)
mySIGGSIGG bottles are lightweight, durable, eco-friendly, and leak-proof in a subtly sophisticated style. Extruded from a single piece of aluminum and coated with a patented secret formula liner, these water bottles will not leach anything harmful into your beverage. SIGG Switzerland dates back to 1908 when metal processing specialist Ferdinand Sigg established an aluminum product factory about 30 kilometers outside of Zurich. Read our review.

New: More Prizes Added!

2 x Recycled Glass Tumbler sets from ECOutlet worth in total $56/£28 (each worth $28/£14) UK (UK only)
ECOutletEach set contains 4 x Recycled Glass Tumblers, with one set containing Recycled Coca Cola Bottle Tumblers and the other set containing Corona Beer Bottle Tumblers. Each winner will only get either the Coca Cola or Corona glasses not both. Ecoutlet was set up for people who care about the environment and who are looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly. Every item listed has a number of eco icons associated with it so you can see at a glance the benefits and exactly why they are environmentally friendly.

1 x natural hemp collar and lead from The Green Dog Company worth up to $50/£25 UK (UK only)
The Green Dog CompanyThe Green Dog Company specialises in offering a wide range of environmentally friendly, natural and organic products for dogs and their owners. Their products are all packaged and delivered with the environment in mind, and they aim to source the best quality and most natural items for your dog. You could win a natural hemp dog collar and lead.

1 x ‘all natural beauty’ Spa Gift Bag worth $108/£54 USA (US only)
The anbPortal Spa Gift BagFrom the ‘all natural beauty’ website at http://www.anbPortal.com. The anb Partners that have contributed to this Spa Gift Bag are: Monave Mineral Cosmetics, Sea Chi Organics, Solay Wellness, Healthy Scents, Apothena, Rosa y Fruta, Bath Body Spa Pampering Essentials, Sensatia Botanicals, PureSunscreen.com, and Bear Creek Candle Company.

1 x gift voucher for Nixie Clothing worth $60/£30 UK (UK only)
Nixie Clothing£30 to spend in the Nixie online shop (available soon). Nixie Clothing create exclusive eco-friendly children’s wear. They combine bohemian style with 70’s crafts aesthetics to create environmentally aware and beautiful children’s clothing. They use sustainable fabrics, recycled wool and textiles in combination with vintage fabrics to produce exclusive and original designs.

1 x gift voucher from Natural Collection worth $100/£50 UK (UK only)
Natural CollectionNatural Collection are the UK’s leading non-food ecological retailer and are proud to be the official catalogue for Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Trees for Life, Out of This World, The Vegetarian Society, Compassion in World Farming and the World Society for the Protection of Animals. Established in 1999 they have raised and contributed over £300,000 for environmental and other worthy causes.

1 x Forest Secrets Skincare iRejuvenate set worth $144/£72 UK USA (UK & USA only)
Forest Secret SkincareThe set includes iRejuvenate Step 1 Lifting Pro-Youth Face Oil and iRejuvenate Step 2, Regenerating Skin Serum by Forest Secrets Skincare, the only totally natural 2 step system to tailor made beauty. Forest Secrets Skincare are truly passionate about making products that work and that respect our bodies and the environment. If nature cannot handle synthetic chemicals, how can our bodies?

1 x Kimberley Selwood Stud Earrings from Ingle & Rhode worth $118/£59 UK (UK only)
Ingle and RhodeIngle & Rhode offers the finest jewellery, produced in a socially and environmentally responsible way. Their gold is fairly traded, and mined without the use of cyanide or mercury and 10% of profits fund health, education and development projects within communities with whom we trade. The gold and silver used for casting come from the EcoAndina Foundation in the north-west of Argentina. The prize is one pair of Kimberley Selwood’s Order In Chaos Stud Earrings

1 x gift voucher from By Nature worth $200/£100 UK (UK only)
By NatureBy Nature is an organic and ethical living company bringing you a unique selection of organic, recycled, Fair Trade and ethical products. By Nature’s contemporary eco style will fit your life and your conscience. They believe that you should not have to compromise on style in order to lead a green lifestyle. The prize is for a gift voucher worth £100.

1 x Akamuti Spa Selection set worth $47.50/£23.75 UK (UK only)
AkamutiThe Akamuti Spa Selection contains: 1 x Organic Cotton Flannel, 1 x Fragrant Tranquility Bath Salts 275g, 1 x Fragrant Tranquility Soap 80g, 1 x Island Flower Hand Soap 250ml, 1 x Organic Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 10ml. Every product Akamuti make is handcrafted from start to finish from individual ingredients by real people (not machines!), and absolutely no chemicals are added at any stage.

6 x CamelBak water bottles worth in total $54/£27 (each worth $9/£4.50) USA (US only)
The CamelBakCamelBak are the originator and world leader in hands-free hydration, allowing mountain bikers to drink without taking their hands off the handlebars. You can win one of their new 750ml bottles that is made of their new Tritan material, that is 100% BPA and phthalate free, so there is no-leach or residual taste.

1 x gift certificate from Bourgeois Boheme worth $40/£20 International (International)
Bourgeois BohemeBourgeois Boheme are a compassionate fashion boutique with an ethical-business model that aims to facilitate an attitude of compassion towards animals, humans and the environment. They have a range of ethical fashion accessories for both men and women where every product is free from animal ingredients (suitable for vegans). You could win a gift voucher worth $40/£20.

1 x gift certificate for a Premium Set of Three Green Gift Bagz worth $16.99/£8.50 USA (US only)
Green Gift BagzBeautiful cloth gift bagz designed by Green Gift Bagz provide an alternative to traditional wrapping paper thus eliminating waste. These fashionable bagz are not only designed to wrap a gift but become an additional gift as they can be reused over and over! Just think – you won’t ever have to buy another roll of wrapping paper again! In addition to being re-usable and sustainable, fabric gift bags save time – no more scissors and scotch tape, no more mess and stress!

1 x Rock Star Baby Organics Gift Tote from Lu Lu’s American Baby worth $36/£18 USA (US only)
Rock Star BabyRock Star Baby Organics Gift Tote includes one organic “Paparrazi Lime” Shampoo, one organic “Tangerine Limousine” Conditioner, one organic Rock Star Lip Balm (healing stick), and one pair of Rock Star Sunglasses (child size), all packaged in our new signature white zipper gift tote! a href=”http://www.lulusamericanbaby.com/”>Rock Star Baby Organics is selling out weekly just as fast as they can make it (yes, it’s all made by hand by a team of moms)! They contain no dye, no artificial fragrances, no parabens and are 100% natural.

1 x MINIWIZ HYmini charger from Verdant Computing worth $49.99/£25 USA (US only)
MINIWIZ HYminiHYmini is a handheld, universal charger/adapter device that harnesses renewable wind power / solar power and conventional wall plug power to recharge almost all your 5V digital gadgets. It’s a hybrid mini green power station that fits in the palm of your hand. As with a hybrid automobile, more than one power source is used to collect energy. Provided courtesy of Verdant Computing, it can be used to recharge your cell phone, MP3 player, iPod, PDA, digital camera and more!

1 x t-shirt from howies worth $40/£20 UK (UK only)
howiesYou can win a t-shirt from the new Spring range, probably something like this. howies also give % of our turnover or 10% of pre-tax profits (whichever is greater) to grass-root environmental and social projects, so why not sign up for their catalogue? You can also read about their battle with Levis here.

1 x Lili webcam worth $40/£20 from United Pepper International (International)
Lili webcamBorn in Vietnam, designed in Belgium, the Lili webcam is about 74 mm in size with a 1.3 MP camera, flexible legs, and a microphone. Made from sand, cotton, kapok it has a low ecological impact with recycled packaging, and uses renewable materials. Plus it looks funky and is available in a variety of colours.

1 x CynerGreen stainless steel reusable water bottle worth $13 / £6.50 International (International)
CynerGreenCynerGreen bottles are 304 Stainless steel, and are reusable, recyclable and a great value – cool shapes too! They provide eco-friendly promotional products and services to the global community, specializing in the meetings and hospitality industry. The company sells its exclusive stainless steel water bottles in an effort to minimize the use and purchase of plastic water bottles which causes an additional 47 million gallons of oil to be produced each year in America alone.

1 x Reborn Glass Night Light from Reborn Glass worth $45 / £22.50 USA (US only)
Reborn Glass Night Light The prize is a Reborn Glass Night Light valued at $45. Reborn Glass is a trash to treasure artistic endeavour… One of a kind kiln formed fused recycled bottle glass gifts. They realized that bottles only come in green (trees), brown (earth), blue (water),and clear (air). The relationship between those colors and the earth’s natural resources inspired them to create our line of subtle, artful reminders to conserve. All of their offerings are packaged in hand stamped recycled gift boxes and/or hand stamped cotton draw string bags, and their original keepsake conservation themed poems are enclosed. They will ship via US Priority Mail to the continental US.

How the contest works and how to enter

This competition is now closed, sorry! Please check here for other great green competitions.

There are 86 prizes (and counting, keep checking back as we will add more as we get them) and there will be 86 winners that will be selected by a random draw on Wednesday April 30th.

To enter the contest, all you have to do is perform certain actions that gain you more entries. Obviously the more entries you gain, the higher your chances of winning one of the prizes. So how do you gain entries? [Be sure to use the same email address for all your entries so we can track them :)]

1. Subscribe to our weekly email newsletter (required) = 1 entry

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This competition is now closed, sorry! Please check here for other great green competitions.

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There are at least seven articles a week on Life Googles, and hundreds of articles in the archives, so why not find something interesting and make a comment. All comments from new users are moderated for spam, and only worthwhile comments (in the editor’s opinion) of over 20 words will be accepted. You can do as many as you like, with every 3 comments gaining you another chance of winning, and up to 3 entries (9 comments) allowed per day. Make sure you use the same email address that you entered the competition with so we can track your entries.

3. Write at least 100 words about this contest on your blog/site that includes a link to this page (optional) = 10 entries

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[Note: Thanks to Winning The Web for their inspiration and advice for this competition]

Competition FAQs and Rules

Q: Who can enter?
A: Anyone can enter for the International prizes, though we are not responsible for a retailers refusal to deliver to certain regions. For the USA prizes you have to be a USA resident, and for the UK only prizes you have to be a UK resident. Again, we are not responsible for a retailer being unable to fulfill a prize due to not being able to deliver to a specific place/region/country. If you are not in the region required then unfortuantely you will forfeit that prize with no substitute/replacement.

Q: Can I win more than one prize?
A: Yes! The more entries you have the greater chance you have of winning. You cannot win more than one of the same prize, but you are still entered to win other prizes even if you’ve won another already.

Q: How do I enter?
A: This competition is now closed, sorry! Please check here for other great green competitions.

Q: Does USA include Canada?
For some retailers yes, for some no. Plus there’s no flag for North America so I couldn’t put that on there… We are not responsible for being unable to fulfill a prize due to not being able to deliver to a specific place/region/country.

Q: Can I swap my prize for something else?
No. If you do not want it, let the retailer know and we can simply pick another winner. You will not get another prize as a replacement.

For any other questions, please contact us, though we will not answer questions about specific prizes and prize winners.

* Please note that the cash value of prizes is approximate, includes rounding and a simple exchange rate of $1=£0.50, amongst other things, so is for illustration purposes only and not a perfectly exact figure. It’s close though!