Green Link Love – Other Great Green Sites 6

We get a lot of emails each month over at Life Goggles, but I particularly link the ones from individuals (and some PR companies) that recommend certain sites that I can check out when I have time.

Shawn sent email about C02 stats which is a site that can make any website carbon neutral and shows visitors you’re environmentally friendly. You can see it installed at the bottom right of this site.

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Green and Save was founded by a guy who built one of America’s most energy independent homes and in the process created the first Return on Investment calculations for over 50 green home remodeling projects. The site has lots of informative videos that use his home as an example to other homeowners. It also has a free carbon counter so individuals could better understand their impact, and an Eco Family Guide to help families live greener and healthier.

Svenn sent email about his sites Present Room and Gifts In Real Shops, both sites that aim to have a solution to unwanted gifts (=unwanted CO2 emissions).

Angelina sent email about Ecovian who are creating online green communities around major US cities that share info & reviews on local green resources & green businesses. For example, they have info on organic restaurants, eco-friendly & non-toxic baby stores, natural clothing stores, green bed & bath stores in about 8 major US cities so far.

SunRun, the solar power company, brings together their brightest minds for their new blog Sweet Solar Home. The blog is written by employees from SunRun, whose expertise lie in the fields of Solar Economics, Solar Technology, Solar Policy, Solar Industry News and Solar Home ownership.

Julie sent me an email about Green Hearted that is aimed at teachers, giving a primer on transformative education for sustainability – what you’ll need in order to green your classroom, your curriculum, your students’ learning, your school community, and your life’s work as a teacher.

Finally another shout to David over at The Good Human who is doing sterling work as always on his excellent blog.

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Green Link Love – Other Great Green Sites 4

Welcome to another packed edition of the wonderfully named (if I do say so myself) Green Link Love, where we send links out to other green websites and articles. You can read the previous editions here: one, two and three.

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ProTraveller talks about 20 Cities, Islands & Countries Threatened By Global Warming, with pictures and videos.

Mom Goes Green is a new website that is starting to chronicle a mom’s journey to green living. Why not follow it from the start?

Another site with green in the name is Gray Is Green. It’s a site from the National Senior Conversation Corps (with National being USA in this case). They have a fascinating About page about why the “elderly” are commited to improving and conserving the environment.

Greenopolis launched recently, which is a website owned by the USA company Waste Management. It is a green community that awards users with points they will be able to redeem for green gifts. It’s started off nicely though has a lot of features which makes it a little overwhelming at first, with blogs, groups, polls, forums, events, a green job board, games, and a carbon calculator amongst others. The do have a nicely named mascot – Liv Greene.

Fake Plastic Fish is a site I don’t visit often enough. Run by Beth Terry, it’s a site about plastic, and of course reducing our consumption of plastic. She has a great list of changes she’s made to reduce her use of plastic.

The next site is not directly green but reusing is green, so Fix It Club gets my vote. Essentially a guide on how to fix almost anything in your house, it’s proved useful many a time and well worth checking out. If you’re still not sure, check out their top ten reasons.

Positivitee was brought to our attention by a reader (thanks Nina!), they’re a small online t-shirt company that sells shirts that are both stylish and organic. Also, 10% of the price of each shirt is donated to a non-profit organization.

Izzit Green was another site sent to us (thanks Kristen!). It’s a Boston-based site that rates local businesses, stores, services, restaurants, and so on based on how good they are, but also how GREEN they are. You can add your own reviews/ratings yourself, and there are guides for different companies/stores/food places so they can learn about how to increase their own green rating.

If you have an interesting site you would like to be featured here, just let us know.

Green Link Love – Other Great Green Sites

It’s been a while since I last did a list of some interesting green sites, Adam’s fun green roundups take care of that mostly, however there are some more that I wanted to mention. Some of these have come from reader suggestions, so if you have any please let me know, others I found via the excellent StumbleUpon.

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Climate Discussion

Climate Counts is a non-profit organisation that discusses climate change, and has some interesting info on what various companies are doing using their review scorecard.

If video is your thing, The Manpollo Project is a series of videos (45 and counting) discussing climate change. I recommend watching at least the first one to see if it’s for you, it’s actually very well done (argument wise!).

Taking Action

The Big Green Idea has been set up to provide investment in community-based environmental projects in the UK. They have a lot of downloadable factsheets on everything from baking your own bread to building a solar dryer.

Do The Green Thing is a community that tries to make it easy and enjoyable to be a bit greener. Every month they give you a a different Green Thing to do, for example January’s is “Take the stairs”. It seems pretty interesting in spirit but is a little confusing in execution (though that could just be me…).

A sort of green X-Prize, The Big Green Challenge is a competition with a £1 million prize fund to come up with new approaches that will lead to a 60% reduction of CO2 emissions in your local community.

Another site beginning with “eco”… (I’d be surprised if there are any domain names left with eco at the start), if you’ve already calculated your carbon footprint, you can also work out your ecological footprint at Ecofoot. It’s US-biased, and some questions are tricky (“How much of the food that you eat is processed, packaged and not locally grown (from more than 200 miles away)?”) but it’s worth taking a look.


If you’re in New Zealand, then EcoPeople is a social enterprise business that sells natural products. It operates as a charitable trust that tries to increase employment opportunities for people with experience of mental illness.

If organic gardens are your thing, then an instant organic garden from Rocket Gardens in the UK might be your thing. It’s a box full of baby organic vegetable and herb plants packed in straw. All you have to do is plant them.

At home

How can I recycle this? is a cool English blog that answers your questions on how to recycle certain products. e.g. How do I recycle an old snowboard? Suggestion: use it as a funky shelf?

Previously we’ve talked about search engines that donate to charity and carbon neutral search, well FriendsGreen is a search engine that “fights global warming”. The money they make from you using their custom Google search engine goes to a variety of projects such as the Adopt An Acre Program of the Nature Conservancy.

Let us know if you find any great links 🙂