Coco Mats Eco Product Review

Coco Mats are handwoven 100% natural eco friendly door mats. I was sent one of them to review and to be honest I didn’t expect to be impressed by a door mat, but I am!

The mat I received was the the Monogram single letter with a black border coir coco door mat. First of all these mats are thick, and I mean THICK, mine was a little over the 1.5″ described, it’s like a small step up and feels great. It’s available in five different sizes, and colors so price varies (22″ x 36″,
24″ x 57″, 30″ x 48″, 38″ x 60″, 36″ x 72″).

They’re made from 100% natural coco fibers, which are biodegradable and compostable. They’re created by cottage industry suppliers in India, and I asked Coco Mats more about how they are produced, so this is from them:

Coconuts are harvested every two months throughout the year. Green coconuts contain pliable, white fibers and are gathered after growing for approximately 12 months on the palm tree. Coco Mats make use of the more practical brown fiber, which is extracted from fully mature coconuts when the nutritious layer enveloping the seed is ready for processing.

The brown fibrous layer is separated from the hard shell by splitting (also known as de-husking) the coconut. The coconuts are beaten, to further separate the long coco fibers.

Our handwoven Coco Mats are created by hand as they have been centuries. The Coco fibers are first harvested from surrounding trees and then the outer husk of the coconuts are separated and “tufted”. Coco fibers have a large amount of lignin, which is a complex wood compound, with a low amount of cellulose less so than flax or cotton. This gives coco fibers strength and durability. The unique makeup of coco fibers also allow for coco mats to be water resistant and thus they dry relatively quickly.

photo (1)

Depending on what size and type you order, they are pretty expensive, but the quality is fantastic and will last a long time with proper care. I’ve been through three cheap mats out the back of my house in 5 years, but I can see this one lasting at least as long as those combined, it’s heavy duty.

Lead time is 2 to 3 weeks to get a personalized one or less for one of the standard designs. Like most similar doormats, this one does shed. It’s pretty easy to clean by shaking off or vacuuming.

They have a huge variety of mats, thick, thin, pet mats, funny mats, even mats that light up when motion is detected! They do custom mats and mats for cars, you can get the coco fibers on a roll to use as flooring, mats to use to play cricket on and even ones for horse ramps and stables. It’s pretty much endless with non-coco mats too.

They start at around $15 for the small thin ones, and go up from there. I really like the one I received, it’s had many compliments in the few days I’ve had it and am sure it’ll last as long time due to the thick woven quality and that my entrance is covered so it should easily handle what little rain it will get (the mats are apparently stain, rot and mildew resistant).

If you’re interested in a natural woven door mat, take a look at Coco Mats.