Method Laundry Detergent Eco Product Review

Method continues it’s expansion of eco-cleaning products and has released its first laundry detergent.

Just looking at the bottle you know it’s going to be different, it’s an unusual shape and has a pump on the top proudly stating that “4 PUMPS = 1 WASH” and that this 300ml bottle is equal to 25 washes. Impressive stuff.

Method Laundry Detergent has a patent-pending formula which “seeks out dirt and stains” and means that you only need to use a quarter of the amount of detergent that you usually need, hence a small bottle with a lot of washes.

Method laundry

There are further instructions on the back saying how you can use less or more pumps depending on how dirty the wash is.

I have an old washing machine that is eco-friendly by default – it’ll only wash on a cool wash so sometimes eco detergent can struggle. Not this one though, although I haven’t used it on a particularly dirty load, just putting four pumps in cleaned the clothes nicely – basically as you would expect any detergent to do, eco or not.

The other useful thing is that my machine doesn’t like taking the powder or liquid from the drawer so having the option to squirt directly into the machine is a good thing. I did worry that it’d just wash the clothes I squirted onto so I spread it around a bi,t but it worked perfectly, all the clothes seemed to be cleaned the same.

The eco credentials of the liquid are pretty good, it’s 95% plant based and concentrated so you use less detergent each time. You may be thinking about the plastic bottle, I asked Method about that and it’s made from 50% recycled plastic and is grade 2 recyclable.

Method Laundry detergent is available from places in the UK like Tesco and Waitrose as well as online (try Big Green Smile) for around £5.99. The version I tried was ‘fresh air’ but there is also ‘peony blossom’ and ‘free + clear’ which is fragrance and dye free.


Method Squeaky Green Baby Bubble Bath Eco Product Review

After my friend Kate did some sterling work reviewing a candle, and once she had her baby I thought she’d be the perfect person to review Method’s Squeaky Green Baby Bubble Bath:

“I was thrilled to be asked to review the Method Squeaky Green Baby Bubble Bath as I’m keen to use the best products I can when bathing my six month old son, Harry and as you’d expect from Method, this bubble bath doesn’t contain any phthalates, parabens, SLS/SLES, numbing agents or animal by-products and is derived from 99% natural ingredients.

Method bubble bath

“The bubble bath come in a very funky, penguin shaped bottle, which although clearly aimed at children is still very stylish (for a bubble bath bottle). The product is scented with mallow and rice milk and left Harry smelling good enough to eat. In fact I liked the smell so much that I’ve been using it in my bath.

“My only disappointment was that despite several attempts I was unable to produce any bubbles so perhaps it’s should be labelled as a bath soak rather than a bubble bath. As Harry is a little too young to appreciate bubbles then this wasn’t really a problem and if bubbles mean chemicals I’d rather he forgo them.

“This product definitely gets the thumbs up from me as an everyday essential and combined with Method’s Squeaky Green Body Lotion and Squeaky Green Hair and Body Wash I think this would make a fabulous gift for a new eco conscious baby.”

Method Squeaky Green Baby Bubble Bath costs around £5 and is available from places like Big Green Smile and other online retailers.

Method Wood for Good Wipes Eco Product Review

Out of the growing number of Method products being released, the latest we’ve reviewed at Life Goggles was the Steel for Real wipes. In the same vein come the Method Good for Wood wipes, but for use of wood furniture obviously.

Using the same clever packet as the steel wipes, with it’s pop open ‘stay fresh’ lid, it holds about 30 wipes which for the limited amount of wood I have in my flat, that means about a year’s worth of cleaning! Not bad for the price I reckon.

Wood for Good wipes

I haven’t tried the spray version of the surface cleaner so they were totally new to me and the first thing that hits you is the smell, it reminded me of holidays for some reason but is in fact almond oil.

Using them is simplicity itself, just take it out of the packet and wipe away. They leave a lovely shine without too much work and as happy as you can be when cleaning, they left me pretty content.

Made from bamboo, the wipes can be put on the compost heap when you’ve used them, and you can’t say that about many cleaning products can you? As usual, a Method product has impressed me again, I always look forward to reviewing its products.

Method Wood for Good Wipes cost £3.50 from most supermarkets and online shops such as Big Green Smile.

Method Steel For Real Wipes Eco Product Review

As regular readers will know, here at Life Goggles we’re big fans of Method products. The latest one we have in for review is Method Steel For Real Wipes for cleaning stainless steel.

The first obvious thing to raise your eyebrows is that these are disposable wipes – not very eco-friendly is it? Will yes and no really. These are made from bamboo and will biodegrade unlike mainstream brand disposable wipes that sit in landfill for millions of years. It’s important that the eco world offer alternatives to mainstream products, people who use wipes will not want to move back to cloths and spray so these are a eco-friendly alternative.

Method Steel for Real Wipes

That out the way it was time to test the wipes. But first I had to get into the packet – and for some reson I found it a joy. There’s a little plastc pop up lid that I’ve never seen before. Maybe lots of products have it but the last time I used wipes they had an allegedly resealable sticky cover that doesn’t work. This little plastic lid is genius. Although it doesn’t say whether it’s made from recycled plastic but hopefully people who buy these will recycle this bit.

Right, now to try out the wipes. The smell is exactly the same as the Method Stainless Steel Cleaner spray I reviewed a while ago, which is probably as it’s the same stuff! But using the wipes is a different experience that the spray and cloth. I immediately thought I preferred the spray as that worked brilliantly but I struggled a little with the cloths, but after a while I realised as that’s because I don’t clean my sink and draining board very often so need to use a more abrasive cloth that these disposable ones. These wipes work really well, I just need to use them more regularly than I have been!

I did find I needed to use another cloth after the wipes only after I got one wet. If you’re cleaning your sink I’d advise you to wait until it’s dry before cleaning it as once the wipes are wet it leaves a milky residue on the surface that you need to wipe away. Not a big problem, but something to look out for.

I think these are a really good alternative to buying other disposable wipes, although I might stick to the spray version and a cloth. Or maybe I’l clean more often with these, hmmm.

Method Steel For Real Wipes cost £3.50 from most supermarkets and online shops such as Big Green Smile.

Follow What’s Going On In Copenhagen And Save Money With Method

Cleaning brand and all-round good eggs (it’s an English phrase) method, has a nifty little site that will keep you up-to-date with what’s happening at the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen this month. Click here to get to co-founder’s Adam Lowry’s blog.

And being the nice company it is, if you sign the petition through a link on this page, and give them the details of what you posted, you’ll get a money off voucher. Lovely eh?

method copenhagen

Method Launches Not Any Old Mop

Indeed, not any old mop, but an oMop – short for ‘oh what a mop’ – natural cleaning company Method’s new floor cleaning thing.

Unfortunately I missed the launch of this new mop so am unable to tell you a lot about it or it’s any good. What I can tell you is that it’s new and it’s a mop. The rest I’ll leave to what Method says itself. The mop can be bought as part of a wood floor care kit costing £29.99 from its website.


“…this kit has been making floors friendly to kids, pets and white tube socks since oh-seven. it’s got everything you need to take care of the floors you love… in a purely non-toxic, platonic sort of way. an ergonomic mop that bends so your back doesn’t. non-toxic, no-wax and biodegradable cleaning juice in a 100% recycled plastic bottle, a 50-times-washable microfibre cleaning pad, that works in micro time to lift and trap dirt, compostable sweeper cloths made from corn-based plastic, that track down and capture dust instead of just pushing it around and the cool, ergonomic mop itself – all in an uber-green box made of bamboo fibre and recycled paper that is compostable and recyclable, depending on your mood. it will leave your floors so shiny and clean you could eat off them (we don’t recommend it).”

Method Moisturising Handsoap Eco Product Review

Is there no end to the amount of method products? Not that I’m complaining, in fact I’m quite please the company has something for adults as so far in the UK the only skincare products it’s launched have been for babies and kids.

This moisturising handsoap comes in a cool little square bottle covered in an 80% recycled cardboard sleeve, which you can take off if you like. Containing olive oil and aloe vera and free from things like parabens, this handsoap really does moisturise as promised.

Method Handsoap

Silky smooth with a lovely scent, my hands felt nice and clean afterwards. The smell is more fresh than anything else, adding to the natural feel of the product. Available from supermarkets, department stores and online at Big Green Smile, Method Moisturising Handsoap costs £3.25.