nvohk Co-Founder T-Shirt Arrives

Nvohk, the “crowd-funded” eco clothing company that we’ve written about a couple of times send each of the co-founders a t-shirt. As part of my pledge to keep you up to date with how it’s going, a little ahead of the general mailing of t-shirts, I was lucky enough to be sent one as a preview. So I took a quick (28 seconds) video of it to show you what it’s like. I really like the tree logo and it’s made of 100% organic cotton.

If you can’t see the video below, please click here.


nvokh – An Eco Clothing Company Run By You

nvohkâ„¢ (pronounced ‘invoke’), are a company I signed up a while ago but realised I have never written about. They’re the first community-managed, eco-friendly, surf-inspired clothing company that began recruiting members via www.projectnvohk.com on December 4, 2007 and now have over 2,200 future members.

project nvohk badge - 150 x 225

So what does this mean?! Essentially, you enter your email on their website, and once they hit 5,000 people you will be asked to contribute $50 per year to running a brand new eco-friendly clothing company. You are involved in making the decisions, and choosing designs. You even get a limted edition “founder” t-shirt if you actually become a founder. 10% of net profits go to environmental charities and 35% to members based on how much they have invested.

The full details are:

  • members will contribute $50 in annual membership dues (YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO PAY ANYTHING TODAY) to…
  • receive regular business updates and provide ongoing feedback via message boards
  • help make major business decisions including logo design, product designs, advertising, sponsored athletes and musicians, etc.
  • members will be invited via email to login to nvohk.com and read about specific business decisions on the table. members will then vote on their preferred outcome. when members reach a consensus of 60%+ (active votes), the decision will be executed via nvohk’s management.
  • earn reward points based on 35% of net profits (1 to 1 ratio of dollars to points!)
  • identify and select beneficiaries for corporate charitable donations (10% of net profits!)
  • YES, as a member, you really are in charge