Miessence After Shave Balm Product Review

I love receiving products from BuyGreen as they’re packaged in reused boxes. It’s a cool feature, the boxes are stamped on the inside that they’ve shamelessly reused the box, and that’s great in my opinion.

This time I received Miessence After Shave Balm. It’s a pretty expensive product, at $23.95, but less than some high end traditional after shave balms and lotions.

Miessence After Shave Balm

It’s Certified Organic which according to their standards means that “it contains at least 95% organically produced agricultural ingredients (excluding water and salt). The remaining ingredients (up to 5%) can be non-agricultural substances or non-organically produced agricultural ingredients, with strict processing criteria (eg: absolutely no GMOs or synthetics chemicals)”.

Made with organic chamomile and marshmallow, these are the two things you can smell the most. It also contains organic witch hazel, aloe vera and St. John’s wort to help soothe and calm razor burn. It comes in a pump bottom which makes it easy to apply. It works nciely, it was quickly absorbed, didn’t leave me looking shiny or greasy, and I didn’t feel like I needed to wash my hands to get it off afterwards.

Putting a balm on that contains only edible ingredients makes me think it’s got to be better for me that those weird long-named chemicals I see on other after shave products.

Apparently the ingredients are also cold-formulated so precious oils are never exposed to damaging heat. I didn’t know that, but sounds good.

You can ge Miessence After Shave Balm and a lot of other green products for your home and office from BuyGreen.


Organic Cotton String Bag Eco Product Review

Going organic and being environmentally friendly can be seen to be going back in time before all the chemical fertilisers and modern equipment we use now. These organic string bags from Natural Collection demonstrate that in vivid colour. My parents (well, my mum) were using these bags back in the 1960s to carry their weekly shopping home from the local grocers, butchers and bakers.

String bags

You can get them in normal string colour but I like the bright bags. Made from 100% organic cotton, it’s tough to measure them as they’re so stretchy, but they’re around 30cm in width and depth. Unless you pull them and one way goes longer and the other shorter. The real test comes when you put your shopping in and they hold a huge amount. Seriously you can keep stuffing oranges in there until you get tired. It also seems to try and tell me to eat healthily too as putting a rectangular ready meal in tends to get caught up in the string a bit and can be awkward to fit other stuff around – I got the message and went to get some apples.

And they fold up nicely too, well less of a fold, more of a stuff in the pocket, but they’re great and I like the retro feel to them. I’ve used them for a few weeks now and there doesn’t seem to be any wear or tear so hopefully will last a long time. For one of the coloured ones it’s £4.50 at Natural Collection, £12.50 for the three colours which I’ve got, or you can go simple and get the plain ones – £3.95 for one and £6.95 for two. Marvellous.

Plain bag

Green People Factor 22 Sun Lotion Eco Product Review

Green People wins awards all the time and is one of the most recognisible organic cosmetic brands around. Its sun lotion (or suntan lotion as I always thought it was called) has been voted the best by Natural Health & Beauty magazine. But that means nothing, did we agree? As I’ve been locked indoors, I gave its Factor 22 Sun Lotion with no scent to my father, a well-known pale skinned person that likes to burn easily even in the British summer. Wanting to put it to the test he went and sat outside for a few hours watching some tennis or something. Here’s his prosaic review:

Green People factor 22

“It’s dark but the morning light is filtering through the net curtains, it’s hot, very hot but it’s only dawn in England, then there’s the pain, the one that seems to envelope my whole being and another of greater intensity that bites across the top of my shoulders. My eyes are so swollen I can’t open them for three days; my whole body is like a radiator on full blast; too late I had donned a t-shirt only to find the neck wore away at the already tenderised skin, first blistering then turning red raw.

“Welcome to sunstroke; being fair of skin, if not of face, this teenage folly forged a firm, longstanding love affair with… you guessed it, sunscreen.

“The good news is that this organic offering works, the not so good news is that it that you can look like an extra from Shaun of the Dead. It’s so thick and creamy it’s almost impossible to rub in. As I washed, a layer of white scum floated on the surface of the water, lovely.”

I think he liked it. It contains things like aloe vera and edelweiss extract but also titanium oxide which helps block the UVA and UVB rays for the fair skinned. It’s free from parabens, lanolin, phthalates, artificial perfumes, petrochemicals and colourants and is vegetarian but not vegan due to the beeswax content.

The 200ml tub is £15.99 while the travel size 50ml tub is £9.50. Or for a limited time, Male Organics has 25% off Green People sun care, so it’s £11.99 for the large size.

ReJAVAnate Reusable Bag Eco Product Review

We’ve tested a lot of reusable shopping bags on Life Goggles and there is a huge variety in the style and type. You can see them all on our Reusable Bag Comparison Chart, and the latest bag we have proves that there is always something new.

ReJAVAnate take burlap from coffee roasters that would be otherwise sent to landfill (about 800,000 tons go every year), and make them into reusable shopping bags.

ReJAVAnate Bag

They work with a company called The ARC, who help over 140,000 individuals with developmental disabilities to find employment, to hand make the bags, and then they sell them to individuals and organizations who “want to make a statement about reducing paper and plastic bag consumption”.

The bag I received was lined and pretty large at 15″ by 15″. It’s very sturdy, I’m not sure what weight it can hold but was my choice for drink bottle and cans as it seemed one of the strongest bags I’ve used. It arrives in an old Vans shoe box, with a proud stamp on the inside that said “Shamelessly shipped in reused packaging”. I like it!

They have a variety of bags, medium and large, plain or with different logos, and lined or unlined ranging from $9 to $11. You can buy them online at ReJAVAnate.

Skoy Cloth Earth Friendly Product Review

Skoy Cloth is a reusable cleaning cloth made from a blend of cotton and wood-pulp cellulose. 100% biodegradable, the cloth is non-toxic, chlorine free and uses water based colors.

Skoy Cloth

Apparently one cloth can last as long as 15 rolls of paper towels, which in my house means a long time. To clean it you can put it in the dishwasher or the washing machine and it will be fine and dandy. You can even microwave it if you want to kill bacteria (as long as it’s wet first it’ll be OK).

Created by two stay-at-home moms living in Encinitas, California, I met Karen and was bowled over by her enthusiasm for the product. Discovered by her business partner Michelle whilst living in Europe, they’ve worked hard to bring a similar product to the US.

The cloth worked well, it was more sturdy than most paper towels and it’s re-usability makes it very cost effective. It’s very water absorbent, which is obviously a good thing in a cleaning cloth, and was also handy instead of a cleaning sponge.

They cost $4.99 (plus shipping) for a four pack and come in different colors. You can buy them online from Skoy and other online and bricks and mortar retailers.

Mighty Wallet Product Review

The Mighty Wallet is another alternative to using a leather wallet.

Dynomighty Tyvek Wallet

Made from a single sheet of Tyvek paper (like that’s used for express envelopes) it containing 25% post consumer content (water and milk containers) and is 100% recyclable (grade 2). The wallet is also apparently virtually indestructible. It’s certainly tear resistant as I couldn’t tear it with my bare hands (looks like my phone book tearing days are over), and it’s water resistant too. It’s incredibly thin and light but has lots of slots to put cards in and the wallet will expand just like an stuffed envelope.

Available from Dynomighty for only $7.50 they come in a variety of designs, like the airmail envelope shown, faux wood, “raw hide” (printed to look like leather), camo, dot matrix printer, and one that looks like shredded paper. Available in two, or three fold versions, there is plenty of choice, go take a look for the full range. The designer Terrence Kelleman talks you through the wallet in the video below.

Paper Potter Eco Product Review

Yes, spring is here (if you’re in the UK) and time for the green-fingered among you to get out in the garden. Ecoutlet sent us a great little item to help with planting – the Paper Potter.

Paper Potter

Made from 100% FSC certified wood (think it’s oak), the Paper Potter helps you make seedling pots from old newspapers. The picture basically shows you how it works and it’s beautifully simple. I like the feel of the wooden handle and also it’s a great feeling to make the little pots. And then it’s even more fun to then fill them with soil, put a seed in and plant them into the ground. I presume eventually they then biodegrade and the plant’s roots can easily break through into the wide world – we’re not quite up to that point yet but do have some little shoots growing.

But no matter how much fun it was for me, it’s much more for kids. It’s a great little thing they can do on their own and have fun making something. Not every one we made was a success but they soon get the hang of it and it’s great that you can make something they can see. In a way it’s also educational as they get to learn about gardening and plants.

For only £9.99 for Ecoutlet it’s a bargain that you’ll use year after year I reckon.