New Organic Beer Review Site Now Live

There’s a new website which reviews organic beers. Called Organic Beer Blog it’s a video website offering short reviews of organic beers from around the world and also short written reviews about bottle openers – hey, it’s quirky.

I’ve embedded a taster below, but check it out for yourself.


Laundry Eco Product Reviews Round-up

Another Wednesday and I thought I’d round up some of our reviews. Today it’s laundry time and below are the reviews of the liquids, powders, softeners, sheets and even nuts we’ve reviewed on Life Goggles.

Method laundry

Laundry liquids
Ecover Concentrated Non Biological Laundry Liquid.
Ecover Concentrated Biological Laundry Liquid.
Method Laundry Detergent.

Laundry powders
Simply Sensitive Non Biological Washing Powder.
Ecover Non Biological Integrated Washing Powder.

Fabric softeners
Ecover Fabric Softener.
Greenwoods Soft and Safe Soda Crystals.


Drying sheets
Natural Dryer Sheets.


Soap Eco Product Reviews Round-up

It’s a Wednesday so why not a little round-up of all the soap reviews we’ve had on Life Goggles? Just click on the links to read the full reviews, we’ve covered quite a few different types.

Olive soap

Soap bars
Hemp Soap With Almond.
Simply Soaps’ Organic Guy Bar.
Simply Soaps’ Tea Tree and Calendula Soap.
Bentley Organic Revitalising Soap.
Hemp Soap With Olive Oil.


Hand soaps
Ecover Hand Soap.
Method Foaming Handwash.
Organic Surge Handwash.
Ecosoapia Hand & Body Wash.

Shaving soap
Trevarno Natural Shaving Handmade Soap.

And finally a soap made out of metal
Ziloclassic Smellkiller soap.

Method Wood For Good Eco Product Review

Having moved into a new house with entirely wooden floors, I am new to the area of floor cleaners. After reading extensively online as to what is good, and what is bad, frequency, type of cleaning cloth and so on I settled on Method Wood for Good.

It comes in a couple of different, er, “flavors” I think, but the almond one is the one I chose and it smells lovely. So much, people walk into your house after you’ve cleaned with it and ask you what the nice smell is. The bottle is an easy “shower spray” bottle so simply spray onto the floor and clean with a mop. They recommend the Method omop but some reviews say it breaks too easy, so I simply use another microfiber mop.

It contains baking soda as the main ingredient, plus some natural mineral alkalinity builder, non-toxic solvent, biodegradable surfactant, fragrance oil blend, preservative system (?), color and purified water. Whatever it contains it works like a dream on my floors, and is apparently safe for people, pets and the environment.

Also available as a furniture polish (don’t get them confused as that’s not safe for floors), and as easy handy wipes, Method Wood For Good is an excellent choice. I could only find it in a six-pack online at Amazon
for $35.67, but one bottle should cost you around $6 or $7 in stores.

For My Kids Eco Products Review

For My Kids is a company that produces cleaning and care products that are safe for your children (and for you) to use. Started by new mum/mom Christine Stewart when she was made aware of the dangers of using conventional/popual household cleaner and hand wash.

For My Kids

I was sent “All-Natural Alternative to Antibacterial Disinfectants”, “All-Natural Hand Wash”, “All-Natural Lip Balm”, and “All-Natural Comfrey Salve”, and for my full review, see Green Guys Global. Suffice to say the products were great, contain natural and organic ingredients and are certainly a refreshing change from the hazardous chemicals that a lot of popular products contain. They range from $4.59 so are pretty inexpensive, so take a look at my full review and For My Kids .

For some other eco-friendly alternatives to household cleaners, see our eco reviews page, that has a cleaning section.

Method Bathroom Flushable Wipes Eco Product Review

Once again, Big Green Smile has sent us a Method product to test, this time it’s Bathroom Flushable Wipes.

I never thought I’d like these, well maybe I’d like them but they’re disposable so not very green right? Wrong. Okay it’s probably better to use a cloth but these are made from wood from renewable forests and can be flushed or even composted as there’s nothing bad in them.

Basically for giving the bathroom a quick wipe rather than a proper clean, they come into their own when cleaning the toilet or the tiles around there. Smelling strongly of eucalyptus and mint (reminded me a drinking a mojito), they’re fine to use with a bare hand and are pretty wet. Almost too damp as squeezing them releases a bit of foam, but actually are the right side of moist and the resealable flap means they remain that way.

Quick and easy can also mean green. I liked the convenience and ease of these and don’t get told off by the girlfriend for using the cloth meant for the kitchen floor for the toilet – hey, they were right next to each other.

Method Bathroom Flushable Wipes cost £3.50 for 24 and are available from Big Green Smile. Check out our Eco Reviews pages for other Method product reviews.

Lavera Men Care Range Product Review

Our good friends over at SoOrganic sell a lot of cool stuff, and one that I like is the Lavera Men Care range.

Lavera Men Care range

There’s a great cheap way to try them to, as they come in trial size. The kit pictured contains:
Shaving Cream
Aftershave Balm
Shower Shampoo
Cool Lime Shower Shampoo
Aqua Fresh Shower Shampoo

Personally I just like the smell. Not sure if it’s the organic horsetail (?!), but the shaving cream is a treat, you know, as far as shaving creams go. I like buying several products in range as then everything smells consistent, but they are available here with different scents for you to find your favourite. You can choose from Original Men Care Basic – reminiscent of freshly cut grass, ripe citrus fruits and green tea (this is my personal choice), Aqua Fresh SPA – sublime vetiver root, wild thyme and fresh lemongrass, Cool Lime SPA – juicy limes, with cooling mint and oil of green mandarins, and Relaxing Sandalwood SPA – precious sandalwood, softly fragrant mace and warm vanilla.

Available in trial/test size gift box for £5.95 from SoOrganic or individually in proper size, they’re about £3.95 each.