Red Robot Organic T-Shirt Eco Product Review

Organic t-shirts and clothing is becoming more and more popular but there is still the challenge of quality and style. I’d not heard of Red Robot before it contacted Life Goggles but the online store sent me a t-shirt speedily and I was eager to give it a try.

And I wasn’t disappointed. Red Robot played it safe and went for a medium but it fits perfectly. Packaged nicely in a paper bag that can easily be reused and recycled, I received a bright yellow shirt with a nice pattern of a wind farm and what I think is a rainbow, but in white. It’s called Mono Turbine and the colour is actually ‘Aspen Gold’. The print is quite thin which means the t-shirt remains flexible; I hate a big, stiff, plasticy print on the front.

Red Robot

The shirt itself is extremely soft and actually quite thick which means it’s warm as well, I think ‘jersey’ is the right name for it. There’s a neat little Red Robot tag on the seam on the left side (not on the right as in the picture) and one at the back of the neck with the little robot character on. Also the Red Robot writing is embroidered into the left sleeve in the same colour as the t-shirt.

Made in Turkey from organic cotton (certified by Skal International), Red Robot’s t-shirts cost around £17.99 and it also sells men’s hoodies and t-shirts and hoodies for women too. The current range is made up of limited editions so take a look.


Green Store News: December

Yep, it’s December already, how fast the year goes eh? Anyway here’s another Green Store News update for you.

Christmas already?
The Eco-Design Fair is in its fifth year and is a great place to do your Christmas shopping. On sale are gadgets, home accessories, fashion, footwear, jewellery, sculpture, books, technology, toys and many more alternative lifestyle products.

I’m particularly looking forward to trying out the edible shoe polish! Details of place and dates are below:
Saturday 13th December – 12pm til 7pm. Sunday 14th December – 11am til 7pm.
The Boiler House
The Old Truman Brewery, 152 Brick Lane
London E1 6RU
Entry: £2. Conc: £1

Penguin torch

Kids, kids, kids
Kids love getting presents (who doesn’t?), and Nigel’s Eco Store is doing its best to make it easy to get them something eco-friendly. There’s the lovely Penguin Torch pictured, which is powered by winding up or even shaking.

There’s also the intriguingly-named Mr Robot Head and the Solar Powered Toy Aircraft Kit which I have a feeling is for adults really.



What’s a Wottle?
It’s the new, designer eco water bottle, that’s what a Wottle is. Available at Ethical Superstore the Wottle is designed by er designer Orla Kiely and BRITA, the water filter company. Made from 100% recycled materials, that’s about all you can say about it really until we can test and review it. Oh, it’s £7.99.

Green Store News: Update

A quick Green Store News update for you following on from November’s article here. One of Life Goggles’ friends, Big Green Smile sent us a couple of updates just in time for Christmas.

Big Green Smile

Lokta paper
Most online stores offer a gift wrapping service but Big Green Smile now use Lokta paper to wrap its products. Lokta paper is made from the bark of the Lokta (or Daphne papyracea) plant, which grows in the Himalayas and is abundant in supply. You can also get a gift card made from 75% elephant dung and 25% recycled paper.

Delivery offsetting
Again, while not revolutionary but new and most welcome to Big Green Smile, is the option to carbon offset your delivery. While offsetting is often used as greenwash, in this case I think it’s great. You can’t avoid delivery with online shopping so having the option to help others abroad and offset your carbon emissions is a good idea. Click here to find out more about this scheme and the sort of people that are helped by this sort of offsetting.

Green Store News: November

Another Green Store News update for you.

Doctor Shave
One of Life Goggles’ favourite shops has started selling shaving gel from one of Life Goggles’ favourite brands. Male Organics now stocks Dr Bronner Shaving Gel. It comes in three ‘flavours’ – spearmint and peppermint, tea tree, and lemongrass and lime. They cost £6.99 for a 7oz tube.

Dr Bronner Shaving Gel

Save 10% at Big Green Smile
Head over to Big Green Smile and enter discount code: 10NOV16 for 10% off on your early Christmas shopping. Get in quick though, the code expires on 16 November.

A beautiful union
GreenUnion has launched its online Eco-Chic Boutique – an collection of green gifts.

The company says it is passionate about promoting gorgeous and ethically made British products with high value in terms of skill, content, design and beauty. GreenUnion’s founder Rosie Ames says: “GreenUnion has become an extremely popular and trusted shopping source for those seeking eco-inspiration and guidance. Now we can offer them even more choice from our Eco-Chic Boutique, especially bespoke or exclusive items that are difficult to find elsewhere.”

And it has a tents and tipis section – woo-hoo.


Stuff from rubbish
Eco Emporia is a new UK company selling eco-friendly handmade gifts from discarded objects. Jewellery, bags, accessories, homeware, artware, stationery etc are all made from what would have ended up in landfill. Vinyl records are turned into hand-painted fruit bowls; decommissioned fire hoses become a hot fashion accessory and worn out circuit boards are won again as cufflinks.

Founder, Anna Burns, said: “Eco Emporia is different because we only sell recycled crafts. Everything is lovingly handmade by skilled craftspeople and beautifully gift wrapped using reclaimed and recycled materials. Many of our items are one of a kind pieces you won’t find anywhere else.”

UPDATE: We just got a 10% off code at >Nigel’s Eco Store. Just enter ECONOV at the checkout, it’s valid until the 15th November.

Bring Your Bag Eco Product Review

Bring Your Own Bag is a branded, re-usable bag program designed to help the environment by reducing plastic bag use. The bags are available through retailers and also for companies to buy and brand, and either offer to their customers, or use for promotions.

Made in a variety of colors, and styles they are also made from many materials including non woven
polypropylene, woven polypropylene, post consumer polyester, organic cotton, hemp, jute, linen, and
bamboo. The bags are the type that lay flat but are sturdy when upright. They hold about the same as three traditional US grocery bags (which are smaller than European ones), and are solid and strong.

Bring Your Own Bags

I got sent four bags, a traditional large bag with a removal card bottom for strength, a wine carrier, a foil lined cooler bag that was zipped at the top, and another bag with a small zipped inner pocket. All were strong, the wine carrier easily coping with 6 bottles of my wife’s finest vintage. Easy to store and pretty handy the only downside is they cannot be easily folded small enough to be kept in a purse, but many bags aren’t.

Take a look at Bring Your Own Bag, plus they have a blog too.

Terratotes From Green-Kits Eco Product Review

Green-kits are made by Eco-Logics, Inc., a Virginia-based company committed to providing earth friendly products of all kinds. Most known for providing ready-made green cleaning kits, they also sell a nice range of sustainable reusable cloth bags that I was sent to test.

The video below (if you’re an RSS reader you can click here to see it) shows the cool bags I was sent, with a special surprise for me at the end!

Featured in the video are the TerraSack Botanical 4-Pack ($32), the Cotton Produce Bag “Produce” ($6), the original signature Terratote ($15), and finally the Personalized Reusable Lunch Bag ($8).

They have a massive variety of reusable grocery bags in all shapes and sizes and different patterns and sale packages so take a look.

The Great Bag Reusable Shopping Bag Review

The Great Bag is another addition to our reusable comparison chart. And what an addition it is.

More expensive than some other reusable shopping bags at $19.99, The Great Bag proves to be worth the price. Made from 100% quilters quality cotton (which apparently has a higher thread count and increased durability – I’m not sure if it’s organic though), the bag is strong enough to carry up to 40 lbs. The 18″ handles make the bag easy to carry over the shoulder.

What the picture won’t tell you is how soft the cotton is. It feels high quality and it is, hand made in the USA. A nice feature are the three hooks is has, made to fit in US grocery stores bag holders to make it easier to fill up. At 13″ high, 11″ wide and 7″ deep it still folds up neatly but can carry a lot of shopping.

There are a variety of bags designs available and being handmade look great. They’re available from The Great Bag.

To compare bags, check out the other bags in our reusable comparison chart.