ChicoBags Reusable Bag Eco Product Review

Another reusable bag is on test, this time a ChicoBag reusable bag.

ChicoBag Reusable Bag

Coming with an integrated pouch and a handy carabiner for attaching to a keychain, ChicoBags are pretty easy to carry with you and not suddenly realise at the checkout that you’ve left it at home. The size is 18″x18″ (3″x4″ in the pouch), can carry about 20lbs and weighs a small 1.5oz.

They also have their own Bag Monster blog which has amusing videos of a plastic bag monster terrorizing people on the street and being “attacked” by small children.

ChicoBags cost $5 each or you can get 5 for $20.

ChicoBags Reusable Bags

UK’s First Non-Profit Price Comparison Site Launches

We’ve previously talked about donating to charity whilst you search, however you can now donate to charity whilst you compare prices.

NeverGreedy is a non-profit price comparison site that tries to make it simple for consumers to reduce the environmental impact of their online purchases while saving money. When you buy a product (not just search for one) via the NeverGreedy site, retailers pay NeverGreedy a commission. 80% of this is then donated to projects that promote sustainable environments and livelihoods around the world through technology and education.

NeverGreedy Logo

Currently they have over 1,000 retailers to choose from (in the UK only at the moment), including Amazon, John Lewis, M&S, British Airways, Dell, Apple, HMV and The Body Shop as well as the main UK Gas, Electric, Telephone and Broadband suppliers.

According to themselves, NeverGreedy is:
– An effective yet simple first step in reducing the impact of online shopping.
– Unique in donating 80% of all revenue generated.
– An effective way for consumers to signal to retailers that the environment is important.
– A new way for ethical and eco friendly retailers to promote themselves and their products.

Examples of how NeverGreedy works.
i) A £829 Apple laptop is purchased via NeverGreedy, earning 2.5% or £20.73 in commission.
ii) A person signs up for 12-month contract with BT Broadband via NeverGreedy, earning £30 in commission.
iii) A £79.95 kids toy from John Lewis is purchased via NeverGreedy, earning 5% or £4 in commission.

The final donations for the above examples would be i) £16.58, ii) £24 & iii) £3.20.

This money would then donated to a project that would use the money to conserve land / plant trees (nearly 1 acre could be purchased for the combined total of the above three examples).

If you’ve tried NeverGreedy then why not let us know what you think?