Free Program That Reduces Your PCs Carbon Footprint

Supported by Microsoft and developed by Verdiem, Edison is a new computer program/programme that lets you monitor the energy your PC uses and allows you manage that consumption. And it’s free.

Verdiem say uses of its Edison software in the US are saving around $60 a year and 325 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions per PC. Explained in the video below, collectively, computers use a huge amount of energy and if just one per cent of the world’s one billion PCs used Edison, it would be the carbon dioxide equivalent of taking 500,000 cars off the road. And with PC usage set to quadruple by 2020, that’s a lot of CO2.

Edison is available for free here.


Green Print Reduces The Paper Your Use

Green Print have a little piece of software that they claim can save you around $90 per year. It does this by reducing the amount of paper and ink that you use when printing. It’s a free software download that:

Green Print
  • Removes wasteful pages
  • Includes a PDF writer
  • Can track how many pages (and money) you have saved
  • Currently only works on Windows

If you get annoyed at wasting paper and ink, take a look at Green Print’s free download.