Brush With Bamboo – Eco Toothbrush Review

Brush with Bamboo is an idea that instead of using plastic handled toothbrushes we should be using ones made from bamboo.

photoWhile it’s been years since I’ve used a full plastic toothbrush (I use a rechargeable electric one and recycle the small heads) I was sent one for review and gave it a go.

It’s a pretty great toothbrush, it’s comfortable and the bristles were softer (but not too soft) that I was used to. I thought the wood would feel odd when wet and in my mouth, but I didn’t notice anything. Toothpaste foamed up great and I’ve been using it for a few days with no problem.

Dentists recommend replacing your toothbrush every three months and I can’t see this bamboo toothbrush having any problems with that.

Over 2 billion toothbrushes are apparently send to landfill every year. While most could be recycled (and even turned into new toothbrushes) most aren’t. Bamboo on the other hand is one of the fastest growing plants on earth (up to 4 feet a day!) and is renewable. It also is naturally antifungal so protects itself against mold.

Brush with Bamboo even give you some instructions on disposing of this toothbrush ecologically:

  • Box can be composted or recycled
  • Wrapper toothbrush is made from plants and compostable
  • The bristles are BPA free nylon and can be recycled if removed from the handle.

There are also instructions on the website about taking care of it. You can also buy it from their shop of course.

It seems a great idea, and the cost is not much more than a plastic toothbrush (less in some cases) so should make a great alternative for those Eco-conscious teeth cleaners out there!

photo (1)


Designer Toothbrush Made from Dollar Bills

Radius toothbrush have long made toothbrush handles from sustainable sources, we’ve looked at a couple previously here.

The Source range have changeable handles and in addition to the recycled wood handle they now have recycled flax and recycled dollar bills.

Raius toothbrush recycled dollar bills

Yes, that’s right, the US Treasury sends them retired bills and they blend them with recycled plastic to make handles for the Source toothbrushes. It looks cool, and gives a whole new meaning to making your money work for you. Weird, but cool – take a look here.

Preserve Toothbrush Eco Product Review

I have to admit I use a rechargable toothbrush most of the time. I’ve had it for ten years and now feel it’ll be a waste to throw it away and I should use it until it dies naturally – which it’s close to doing, I have to charge it more and more frequently.

However while I’m away, which is often, I always use a manual toothbrush to save taking the charger with me etc. So when Male Organics sent me Preserve’s toothbrush to try out, I took on the challenge with relish. Especially as Joel got to review the Radius toothbrush.

Preserve toothbrush

The first thing to point out is that it’s made of plastic with a nylon brush head. The second thing to say is that the plastic is made from recycled yogurt pots and once you’re done with the whole thing you can send it back to Preserve for recycling.

The box it comes in looks like plastic but says it’s made from wood (!) and this has a dual use as a holder for the toothbrush when travelling and is quite useful.

The toothbrush’s handle itself is quite curved which takes a little getting used to but actually I now prefer it than a straight brush. The handle forgoes any of the now usual rubber grips and just has three bars/protrusions near the head that you can grip with your thumb and finger that works well, stopping your hand from slipping.

I have the soft head brush but it comes in different styles (ultra soft and medium) and I would recommend anyone to give it a go when choosing their next brush. It might not be for some, but for simple functionality and environmentally friendliness you can’t get much better.

A Preserve toothbrush is available from Male Organics“>Male Organics for £2.99.