GE Show Covers Electric Vehicles

General Electric have launched a new interactive program called “The GE Show” which covers various technology and energy related things. Ones episode is focused on the future of electric vehicles.

Not just an episode but there are other interactive features such as the “Rollout Reality” widget, which calculates some eye-opening EV stats from our past, present and future and the “So Near, So Far” range calculator for EV drivers, and the educational “Electric Avenue” online game.

Check out all the the video and tools here.

Some interesting facts from the show:
“- Electric cars aren’t just part of the future – they’re part of the past as well. 35% of our cars were electric-powered in the early 1900’s, but were not widely adopted due to limited range and a lack of powering infrastructure.

– Most people don’t know that many electric vehicles can handle their daily mileage easily. The average American drives 32.88 miles per day. The Nissan Leaf, for example, can go 100 miles in a single charge.

– Projections show that there will almost be 14 million electric vehicles on the road in just 10 years.

– For every mile, an EV owner only pays less than 2.5 cents per mile (as opposed to 10 cents per gas-powered mile).

– If the estimates of 14 million EVs on the road by 2020 are accurate, it would mean close to 65 million tons fewer emissions.”


Toxic America – A CNN Two Night Special

On June 2nd and 3rd in the US, CNN has a special series on shows on “Toxic America“. Hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta,the first night, dubbed Toxic Towns USA, focusing on CNN’s year-long investigation into the residents of Mosseville, Louisiana, who for decades have claimed that toxic chemicals in the air have been making them sick. The second night, Toxic Childhood, delves into effects of unseen chemicals on ALL of us, particularly how much of these toxins are being passed onto the babies of pregnant women.

There are more details on the website, but a few of the show’s findings:
– Exposure to car and truck exhaust in the womb has been shown to result in lower IQ at age five.
– Babies enter the world with more than 200 dangerous chemicals in their blood (!), including flame retardants, dioxins, substances in non-stick coatings like Teflon and hormone-like compounds found in plastic.
– Out of the 80,000 chemicals in use in the United States, the EPA has only tested about 200 and only banned five.

There are some promo clips on their YouTube channel (which I can’t embed here, sorry!), but it looks very interesting!

Free Green TV

We’ve previously talked about Joost (Aka The Venice Project) that is an free Internet television application with over 20,000 shows which also allows viewers to instant message, channel chat and share their favorite television shows.

What we haven’t really talked about is the green and environmental shows that are available.

Joost Internet TV

National Geographic Green Channel – Presents quality programming with ecological and conscious messages about the environment.

Green TV – A web TV channel dedicated to the environment. The aim of is to raise awareness of environmental issues, especially climate change.

e² Design:The Green Apple – The first episode begins in New York, a city that is leading the charge to green its industrial skyline with several groundbreaking projects. New York combats the urban myth of the bustling city as a “concrete jungle.”

Joost is a great free service and some of the excellent green programming is sure to take up some of the time that would have been otherwise spent watching Yoga 4 Dudes. Not that I’ve seen that of course.

Cars Of The Future On Tonight

For those of in the US, tonight premieres “Car of the Future” on PBS at 8pm. It’s a look at the innovative technologies that could one day transform the way we drive. Apparently it’s a “screwball automotive odyssey that doubles as a serious environmental wake-up call. From Detroit to California, Boston to Iceland, Tom and Ray mix their trademark slapstick with serious nuts-and-bolts analysis of what it will take to make our autos more energy-efficient.”

A distinguished group of engineers doubles as Tom and Ray’s straight men, including Lee Lynd of Mascoma Corporation, who is working to bioengineer microbes that can produce ethanol from plant wastes, and Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute, who is developing an ultralight, full-size “green” car that is efficient and almost indestructible.

For more info, check out the NOVA website, again it’s on tonight, Tuesday, April 22 at 8 pm ET/PT on most PBS stations. Check your local listings.

Cars Of The Future