Cannabia Organic Lager Review From Organic Beer Blog

A video review of Cannabia Organic Lager. Avaiable at various places online for around £2.00 per bottle.


Ecover Now On Facebook

I’m not the biggest Facebook user in the world, I can’t seem to work out whether it’s a good or a bad thing. And brands using it seems a bit strange as well but it makes more sense when something like Ecover gets together like-minded people to talk about the environment and related issues.

You can find the page here and there are a few interesting bits and bobs on there, not least a video featuring Natalie Imbruglia…

Ecover on Facebook

New David Mitchell Soapbox From Bulldog Grooming

Fantastic male grooming company Bulldog has releases season two of it’s equally fantastic David Mitchell’s Soapbox.

Comedian Mitchell is probably best know for the awesome Peep Show but I’m quite enjoying him in Would I Lie To You on BBC1 at the moment. Anyway Bulldog has again filmed him ranting about environmental subjects and er basically anything. If you go to the page there’s much enjoyment to be had, competitions to enter and even a coupon code to get 25% off Bulldog products.

While you’re waiting for the 3D episode to come, I advise working your way through the back catalogue, start with Trains, it’s a cracker.


Don’t Bin It, Recycle It

A recent animated video from Recycle Now has been released, highlighting the need to recycle small electronic devices. The aim of the film is to remind people not just to bin their waste electrical goods and tell them about where and how they can dispose of it responsibly (UK based).

The campaign is also being supported by the interactive ‘Regeneration Game‘ (based on the Generation Game) in which users put in their UK postcode before playing and then the game cleverly features details of their nearest recycling facilities.

Our Little World – The Climate Movie

This short film was created at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg during a student’s project that focused on ecology and climatic change.

It is an animated short of about four minutes duration about the complexity of our little world.

“One day, an adorable elderly couple, sitting in their cosy allotment, starts to wonder: ‘Where does all our stuff originally come from?’ While taking a closer look at their electrically powered chicken grill, they backtrack the causal relationships that lead to our material prosperity.”

You can watch it on their website, and learn more there, or play the video below: