Three places to go for a remote US adventure

The US has so much to offer – almost any state you travel to here will make for an exciting adventure. Popular spots for thrill-seekers include the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and the Everglades. However, there are plenty more off-the-beaten-track destinations where you’ll have plenty of excitement, and get to experience the beauty of some of the more remote parts of the country.


Whether you’re a lone traveller, exploring as a family or with friends, there’s an adventure to suit your needs. In this article, we share three great places for a remote but thrilling experience in the US.

Death Valley National Park

As intimidating as it may sound, Death Valley is actually a stunning spot – and adventures here can be as tame or as wild as you wish. From hiking to mountain biking and backcountry driving, there are lots of options when it comes to traversing this striking area of California.


Death Valley is made up of incredibly varied terrain – there are vast salt flats and dunes, dramatic mountain peaks and canyons. Just the sight of each part of Death Valley is an adventure in itself, but if you’re looking for an activity to get involved in, popular excursions include camping, horse riding, and guided hikes across the remote wilderness.


If you choose to have an adventure at Death Valley, be sure to pay attention to health and safety advice. Death Valley once hit 134 degrees Fahrenheit – the hottest temperature ever recorded in the US to date.

Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument

The Gila Cliff monument in New Mexico was once home to the Mogollons, a culture of native American people who lived in the area as far back as 200 CE. The monument is made up of a series of caves – five in total, in which there are 46 rooms – and each were once occupied by 10-15 Mogollon families.


As well as being an archaeologically significant site, the Gila Cliff ruins are a spectacular sight, surrounded by rugged, arid land. A trip exploring the monument makes for a perfect adventure for both history buffs and outdoorsy types alike.

Red Lodge Montana

Having a remote adventure doesn’t always mean heading out into uncharted wilderness. In fact, Red Lodge is a city in Montana – but with a population of less than 3000 people, it is somewhat of a hidden gem.


There’s endless opportunity for adventure in Red Lodge. You have all the attractions of the city, plus Red Lodge Mountain, a popular spot of skiing – there’s 70 runs here spread across two summits, with both beginner and advanced slopes, making it an adventure spot that’s perfect for the whole family.


Red Lodge is also a popular base from which to explore Yellowstone National Park. The drive to the park is an adventure in itself, with plenty of viewpoints, camping spots and activities to partake in along the way. Once you get to Yellowstone, visit one of the many geysers, hot springs or canyons. You can also spot plenty of wildlife like coyotes, bison and elk – it really is the perfect all-American adventure.

The perfect place for adventure

The US is full of popular tourist attractions, but there’s something to be said for some of the more remote, lesser-known spots. This country is diverse, so when it comes to having a great adventure, there truly is something for everyone no matter where you are in America.

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