What Does the Future Hold for Private Jets and Luxury Travel?

The future is looking good for private jets and the idea of luxury travel. As much as the coronavirus has disrupted air travel, it has created a greater need for private jet travel and other forms of luxury travel. This is because it means that we are travelling and staying together in smaller groups. Being in crowded situations will, for some time to come, be a situation to avoid where possible. Private jets create safer environments by bringing together fewer people, as taxis do when compared to bus travel.

So, let us think about just what the future can be for those who make privacy and luxury their business when it comes to travel. Companies like Jettly, a company that can charter you a private jet, should be much in demand.

Private Jets

The incentive to use private jets now and in the future has to be the fact that you will not be mixing with large groups of strangers who might still transmit Covid-19 or a variant of it to you. Instead, you will board the plane at your private terminal and then only travel beside those you booked the plane for. You can avoid all those infections from inside the airport lounge that you have no reason to wait around in. We might have vaccinations and testing but they can never fully protect us, so we must try other preventative measures to help stay safe.

We do not want to abandon foreign holidays altogether because that would be bad for mental health, but we have to think about how differently we might arrange them. How we can travel to and from a destination in the safest possible way for us. You cannot put a price on your health, and if private jets are within your budget, they should strongly be considered as the way to travel in the future.

The popularity of private jets has soared recently and it is no longer for the elite. They are becoming a necessity that is going to make flying possible in a greater range of circumstances. They can, for instance, land without the need for an airport. They just need a runway of reasonable length and permission to land. So, if a place has been opened then you can land there. It must be said that more remote places are least likely to be affected by covid because fewer people reside there. It is something to consider for your next holiday, anyway. 

You do not necessarily have to be super-wealthy to avoid covid, you can hire a private jet to stay safer in a pandemic because they are not entirely unaffordable.


For a while, many will want to avoid public transport such as buses and trains. This is all well and good if you have another means of transport, such as a car you can drive or have access to. However, what if you do not drive and you need to get somewhere? To work or to go somewhere that is important. Well, the alternative is to book a taxi. Yes, they transport lots of people, but not at the same time. Also, the taxi firm will have followed guidelines and disinfected where previous passengers have been. 

Those hiring luxury stretch limousines can make sure that those inside are within their bubble or have been either vaccinated or tested. They are still small numbers, so we can still control how we keep people safe. So, this industry should open again once events are taking place again.


Luxury travel can extend beyond the mode of transport used and include the accommodation included by the experience. Holidays, after all, come as a package. So, we have to think about whether it is best to book holidays as a package anymore or whether it is best to separate the components. Then, we can make sure that we are travelling to the destination how we want to. For example, if you are booking a combined package, you will be forced to travel by a commercial airliner and encounter all the crowds associated with that. However, if you book your package in separate parts, you can book a private jet and then choose accommodation in a place that has low levels of covid infection and is less likely to turn into a destination that means you have to quarantine at some point during your holiday. The unpredictable can be made more predictable when we control it by breaking it down into parts. We should perhaps no longer think of a holiday that cannot be adapted for our purposes.

So, the future is looking prosperous for the private jet and luxury travel market. It is the way that we can avoid the crowds that fuel coronavirus and threaten everyone’s health now and possibly well into the future.

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