What Eco Carrier Bags say about you

It is true. The eco carrier bag really does say alot about you, and your view on sustainability as a whole. It visually stands by you, for example out grocery shopping or if the bags are used to house products. If it’s for you individually or your business, your carrier bag decisions show your views regarding the environment, and what you feel you can do to help contribute.


The eco carrier bag is a strong solution to the issue of single use plastic bags, due to the significant impact on plastic pollution and the environment.


Take a look at what eco carrier bags say about you here…

It shows you want to actively work towards change…


As previously mentioned, the bag you choose to have with you is like a statement. It’s visible to everyone you see, at school, work or the grocery store. Too many people are said to talk about making sustainable moves, but then do not follow through with action. However, if an individual is actively seen using an eco carrier bag, then this is an active action in tackling plastic pollution and will be seen by consumers they interact with.


Others around them will see it first hand, which is more likely to increase the chance they will move over towards eco carrier bags too.

You aim to save money


Single use plastic bags often break, resulting in you having to spend 5-10p every time to purchase another one. This then worsens plastic consumption in the landfill, where single use plastics can take around 20 to 500 years to decompose fully. This is a completely different story when looking at eco carrier bags, because they can be used time and time again. This leads to no longer spending money on a bag every time you need one (for example at the supermarket), meaning more money in your pocket to spend on grocery shopping!

You may be a creative individual


With the option to use coloured paper bags, this brings the opportunity to consider the colour of your eco carrier bag as a part of your overall outfit. You can get printed eco carrier bags in a range of colours, including lime green, red, pale pink, light blue and many more.




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