What Is Travelling?

Travelling is the habitual movement of individuals between relatively close geographical locations. Travelling may be done by car, bike, foot, train, plane, bus, bicycle, horse or other means and is one way of getting around or over a distance or is round trip traveling. There are many ways to travel by road, including motorways, railways, buses, taxis and even motorbikes. The most common mode of travel is by car, followed by bus and train. Other common modes of travel include boat and air.

With the advent of modern technology, travelling has become more varied. It has been made easier by the internet. There are sites that offer a complete map of the world, which makes it easy for people to plan trips. Travelling has become much easier with the services like airlines, taxis, trains, buses and boats, providing their services worldwide. So the question still remains, what are the different meanings and phrases related to travelling?

Travelling means travel from one place to another. A journey is a series of events or the process of proceeding from one point to another. Therefore when talking about Travelling we have to take into account the destination, as well as the terminus of the journey. A journey therefore implies travel in a certain direction or route. The major parts of the world have their own unique styles of Travelling such as west-east direction, south-west direction, north-northeastern direction etc.

The travel meaning has various other names too. They are called transits, routes, tours, journeys, caravanning, travelling, caravan, tours and backpacking. Non-routine Traveling is the act of visiting places that are not frequented very often by people. This could be due to religious, cultural or even political reasons. Some of the popular non-routine destinations include; safaris, which are usually undertaken to areas rich in flora and fauna, educational trips, which include fieldwork and field study in the scientific and educational fields, hikes, which are normally undertaken to mountainous regions where one can view wildlife and natural beauty, camping, which is a kind of traveling where the traveler has the flexibility to camp anywhere he wants to, and cruises, which are basically long tours.

There are many different meanings associated with Travelling. It all depends on where you are going to Travelling to. For instance the most famous destination in South America is Rio de Janeiro. Travellers go there to see the beauty of Brazil and to experience the culture of the region. In fact any trip to any part of the world would have to be categorized under tourism because it involves the business of bringing visitors there for tourism purposes.

Therefore let us discuss tourism and Travelling in a little detail in brief. When we talk about tourism we firstly consider it as bringing tourists from different places to a single destination. In a way this could be considered as travelling, though technically Travelling does not involve travelling at all. Travelling by land or air is the most common way of travelling, though boats and monorails are also used. Today it has become much easier to travel by air because of the quick and reliable services provided by airlines and because of the lack of infrastructure issues in many regions of the world.

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